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Ripley 2020 1564
January 29 2020 Contributor: Frank Ward

Many thanks from an ageing rocker and folkie for a splendid evening of songs and stories. Thanks also to my good friend Richard Fountain from up t'dale for the opportunity to attend. Best of Luck to you all for whatever lies next.

Ripley Concert 1563
January 26 2020 Contributor: Tony

What an evening. A brilliant gig. Wonderful and unassuming musicianship in a lovely venue.
We were spellbound from start to finish.
A big thanks to all of you for putting on such a wonderful concert.
It is hard to believe that it may have been the last show. But if it was then it was a privilege to be there.

And it was a long way from Bucolic folk music, Elton!

December 19 2019 Contributor: jan.loman

Dear Chris, Hope you're doing well.
On behalf of myself, my wife Gigi and an old friend of yours, Hans Veen from Doetinchem, Merry X-mas and a wonderful 2020.
Hope to meet you again somtime.
Warm regards
Jan Loman

New Zealand ever? 1561
December 4 2019 Contributor: Chris Dorrington

Your music from vinyl to cds has been a backbone of my collection and hold many memories.
Please tour NZ before u disband .

1973? 1560
November 29 2019 Contributor: tony

first time i saw Magna Carta was a concert in Lincoln Cathedral around 1972?? it was freezing cold! anyone else remember that concert?

Ripley Gig 1559
October 18 2019 Contributor: Steve

Sue and I both Looking forward to seeing my old mates both in the band and followers. Tickets booked and staying at the Boar's Head.

Great news about Ripley 1558
September 20 2019 Contributor: Tony

Can't wait !!! Tickets already booked.
Really enjoyed the last gig at Ripley and looking forward to this one.
Cheeky request for Airport Song on the playlist please :)

Just wanted to thank you:) 1557
September 3 2019 Contributor: Julia

Just this morning I listened to the "Songs from Wasties Orchard" CD in the car and thought that I should look up Magna Carta on the internet.
The drummer of my band once gave me this CD for my 17th birthday and I have been loving it ever since - because to me that's how summer sounds!
All those songs are full of warm sunshine and each of them inspired me to write my own songs. More than 20 years later I still love your music and I'm amazed that Magna Carta is still alive and performing!
I hope that I can see one of your shows one day.
Thanks for your music!!!

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