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Current page: Site Credits

Current page: Site Credits

Thanks to Our Friends and Supporters...

Harry Pater

Harry Pater was asked to become the webmaster in ca. 2005, after he already acted as the Press Officer for The Netherlands a few years earlier. He's a trained (mainly music) journalist and photographer, who works for several music magazines and websites in his native country. On his own website you can read lots of interviews and album- and concert-reviews and articles on classic albums and events in the music history.

Walter Goyen - author of the Magna Carta discography website

Walter Goyen (left) who maintains the definitive Magna Carta discography on his site, of which this site has made liberal use. Walter's discography is a superbly researched piece of work, beautifully presented, and is a must to see. Walter also designed the cover for the In Tomorrow album.

Jan Wijkmans who founded the Friends of Magna Carta in 1992 for all fans of the band. This institution has grown over the years, and now has its own website developed and maintained by Hans Belde (right). Take a look at the Friends site, and even better, become a Friend yourself. Benefits include four issues of a fanzine a year; a get together with the band every couple of years; and access to CD's produced by the band especially for members.hans belde

Nelson Silva - Creator of the Magna Carta website

Nelson Silva ( left): This website was originally Nelson's inspiration, and he gave freely of his time and skills to develop the original version. Some of the current design and text has been inherited from the results of his efforts. Nelson has also provided an interesting personal contribution for the Articles section of the site.

We would also like to express our thanks to Barry Sellers whose musical cornucopia at Rock Steady in Harrogate fulfils all our musical requirements and who is also kind enough to act as ticket agency for local concerts; and also to Nigel Stockbridge, the only person to whom we would entrust the care and maintenance of our beloved guitars.

We are grateful to all those who have generously allowed their photographs to appear on the site. These include David Beckwith, Walter Goyen, Terry Logan, Harry Pater, Paulo Pimenta, Peter Vroon, Elsa Hoffmann and Darrel Waring. The source of such photographs can be identified by hovering the mouse over them or the name of the photographer is mentioned on the same page. Please note that the copyrights of these photographs are owned by the photographers mentioned.

Click to visit the P&O Ferries website

Finally, we would like to thank P&O Ferries who have been generously sponsoring us for over ten years.

To the many friends and supporters who have sent in their contributions and good wishes from all over the world, in the words of Chris: "Bless you all".