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Amersfoort, 26th November 2005 10
November 27 2005 Contributor: Henk & Octavia

A beautiful old chapel (Aegtenkapel) and Magna Carta: what better combination can you think of? We enjoyed the concert very much; especially the way you make old songs sound new again. we also enjoyed the 'third half' of the concert; afterwards with some friends. Hope to see you again soon!

Too old freinds 9
November 26 2005 Contributor: Jeroen Steeman

To Linda, Chris and Matt,
Through natures wrath, blizards and snow storms, we came, to see two old freinds (and a new one) in Weert.

Having met you through your CD "Lord of the ages" in the early 80's, I have eagerly collected, and always looked forward too and still enjoy your very special contributions to the universe of meaningfull music.

Through my travels around the world I have never had the opertunity to see you in concert. Thus when I learned you were in Weert NL on your tour "Fields of Eden 2005", and I was in Eindhoven, no amount of snow (and it was pretty hairy on the highway) was going to keep me away.

Wonderful, a big thank you, a wish come true.

From the heart ! 8
November 25 2005 Contributor: Jet

Dearest Chris, Linda and Matt,

Zutphen concert was a special one, I'm sure you know what I mean. If ever there were "songs from the heart" it was at this night. Respect for all of you and I hope you'll find a way to continue this tour as good as it is so far. I'll spare a few thoughts for all of you.

Lots of love, Jet

Thanks for Coming 7
November 21 2005 Contributor: Ben en Marja Schipper

Thanks for coming to de Boerderij in Huizen. We had a very nice evening. The song "Alone" must say you something Linda. It was a special song for us. We hope you will set the song on a CD, or can you tell us to become that song.

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