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Fans forever 21
December 06 2005 Contributor: Jan Sonneveld sr.

Hi Chris and Linda,
What a fantastic evening in Veenendaal. Jan jr had a great time and Chrissie the frog is proud to be on the web-site. The programme was warm, enlightning and touched me very much. And Paradise Row was Fabulous!! Will that performance be on a future CD ???? Please please. Would be a great track to promote for our Dutch Top2000 (see but you will probably know about that). I'll keep track of your tours and Cds.
Thanks again.

Warm bath 20
December 06 2005 Contributor: Trudie Beverloo

Warm feelings, a lot of emotions, a lot of laughter, too and music from all ages as a bridge between the musicians and the public. Linda, Chris and Matt, thanks for being there, again and Darryll, too!!!!
There are cd's and a dvd, and for sure, I'll come back for another concert.
Have a good life and enjoy Harrogate!

= Thank you = 19
December 05 2005 Contributor: Matt

Dear all,

It has come to that point... the end of a most wonderful and enjoyable tour.
We've shared great moments together and Im very happy with the great results and comments given by audiences and friends.
A warm thank you to all of you who came out to see us and supported us down this tour.

Leaves me to thank my three best friends: Chris, Linda and Darrell. These three did a most wonderful job by looking after me and making the whole event as enjoyable as can be!!!
I look forward to the times well share together on the road in the future, with the concert on the 17th of December at Harrogate as the next moment together.

With love,

went off the planet for some hours! 18
December 05 2005 Contributor: bert and corry huibers

dear Chris, dear Linda,

thank you so much for your concert last Thursday in Veenendaal. After some very hard times this year with some near and dear ones coming to the end of their lifes, your concert was like a warm bath to us and we really went off this planet for some hours enjoying very fine music, deep emotions but also a good laughter. after coming home we listened to the new album "In Tomorrow" and it was "early" when we got into bed.
Thanks again and looking forward to the next one!

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