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Pannal 26
December 18 2005 Contributor: John

The music gets better, and the jokes get worse. What more could one want?

Christmas greetings 25
December 10 2005 Contributor: Alec and Dorothy

Pleased to hear you are still going strong. seems a long time simce we first met in '73
Keep making great music. all best to you both, Alec @ Dorothy

Zevenaar Photo 24
December 09 2005 Contributor: Tony Green

HI Chris + Linda,
love the Zevenaar photo, and I reckon I make a pretty good Warrior, actually, I weely weckon I'm wather impwessive (front row, green celtic t-shirt).
Seriously though, it's nearly a week later and I'm still enjoying the memory of that special evening - not one to forget in a hurry! Linda, no, you didn't go on too long, as far as I'm (and I think practically everyone there) concerned, we could have gone on all night!
Thanx once again, and hope to see you again soon.

Because Trudie met Matt on the internet !! 23
December 08 2005 Contributor: Nico and Trudie

30 years ago I met with Magna Carta in Soest and Groningen....
Because of Trudie I had the pleasure of being at Klif12 on december the second 2005 and enjoying a concert of Chris, Linda and their young friend Matthijs !
The concert felt like having a warm bath Trudie said and she was right....
The music came straight from the heart!

After the concert we met and had a drink together and I was touched when Chris remembered situations we shared back in 1975 ...

Thanks for the memories and a wonderfull evening !
Till the next time...

Nico and Trudie

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