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Harrogate December 17 2005 31
December 26 2005 Contributor: Nico

It was a great surprise, that Trudie booked trip/hotel/tickets tot Harrogate as a present to us for our 20e anniversary ! And I felt very welcome to your concert again. It was a wonderfull evening at Pannal and had an extra dimension as it was on your homeground and you were accompanied by Lee Abbot, Stewy and of course Matthijs !
Thanx again and till.......??

The Boy in the States 30
December 24 2005 Contributor: "Matt Baby"

Yo Grandpa!!! My mum just got your latest cd and letter, and on it saw your website address and i thought to myself "I must check this out". So here I am, checking it out and I thought I would leave a lil message for you. Hope you have a fantastic Christmas, and will definitely talk to you on Christmas day. Take care.
Love Matthew
(Oh yea. The music is FANTASTIC!!!! :) Keep it coming)

Magna Carta for Ever 29
December 24 2005 Contributor: HUSSON DIDIER

I'm 48 years old TODAY and I've never forgotten since 30 years the beautiful music of Seasons, Lord of the Ages and some albums since those. Today I continue to listen it on my mp3, and it's always a great pleasure.
I have a dream only a dream. Is it possible to find "tablatures for guitars" above these two albums

A french fan, do you have sometimes concert in france ?

Schiedam, Holland, 19th of December 28
December 19 2005 Contributor: Trudie

Making dinner right now and listening to "In Tomorrow", a big smile appears on my face, the music is touching my soul, bringing back feelings from a long time (millions of years?)ago. It's sooooooooo good to (re)discover this music and the people behind it.
It was great to be at Pannal, Harrogate, I felt mostly welcome.
Merry Xmas!

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