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It's been a long time 34
January 05 2006 Contributor: Jan & Gigi Loman

Hello dear friends,
Best wishes for this beautiful new year. It was fun your concert at the Hogeschool in Holland last December in Rotterdam. Hope to hear from you soon
Love, Gigi and Jan Loman

Greetings from Deepest Devon 33
January 03 2006 Contributor: Tony and Janice

Happy New year, All the Best for 2006

How long is it now? 32
January 03 2006 Contributor: Peter Charlton

Enjoyed looking at the website. I still remember with affection that first telly - Manchester Dickinson Road, "Monster Music Mash" with The Alan Price Set, Bob Kerr's Whoopee Band and others. Were you on the show that saw this new band we'd found called Ambrose Slade who arrived in the studio wearing bovver boots and said they'd changed their name to SLADE? Well, I've been a fan ever since and still have a VHS of the "All our own work" show I did with you some years later. "Time for the leaving" is still one of my favourite songs and "Seasons" one of my favourite albums - and listen, you're in a list with Sinatra there! Good to see you're still on the road making music - but can't you come a bit nearer London? Keep the Magna Magic flowing.
Peter Charlton

Harrogate December 17 2005 31
December 26 2005 Contributor: Nico

It was a great surprise, that Trudie booked trip/hotel/tickets tot Harrogate as a present to us for our 20e anniversary ! And I felt very welcome to your concert again. It was a wonderfull evening at Pannal and had an extra dimension as it was on your homeground and you were accompanied by Lee Abbot, Stewy and of course Matthijs !
Thanx again and till.......??

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