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Hello 38
January 15 2006 Contributor: Mick Fisher

I've just come across this web site and I was unaware that the band were still going until now. Sorry it 'took a long time' to find that out! I saw Magna Carta several times in the 1970s and still have fantastic memories of listening in awe to 'Lord of the Ages' at Birmingham Town Hall. I think Magna Carta were the most underrated band ever. Hope you are coming to a town near me in South Wales in 2006.


Linda Simpson writes:

hat you're on the mailing list - you will be one of the first to know!! Happy New Year - Love Linda

Why didn't I think of it before??!! 37
January 14 2006 Contributor: Sherli Tarry Smith (nee Wilson)

It would have been so easy to realise that you (Magna Carta) would have a web site...yet it never occurred to me! Good to hear that you are still playing the wonderful music I remember from my teens... and early days in Hampstead - best wishes to you both...


Stuart Maconie's Drive Time. 36
January 14 2006 Contributor: J Peasemold-Gruntfuttock

Sorry you didn't get the voice on Stuart's show.

Good to hear you are still going after all this time. Maybe some airplay on Radio 2 now and Mike Harding nowhere in sight!?

70's fan.


Linda Simpson writes:

ll be playing something tomorrow (Sunday). After that - who knows? The reaction has been good though. Love Linda

Greetings from Capelle 35
January 08 2006 Contributor: Alfred

A verry happy new year to all of you and hope to see and hear you soon in Rotterdam this year.


Linda Simpson writes:

he confirmed dates for this year will be on the site soon - with more to follow as they come in. Love Linda

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