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Machester Sports Guild 42
January 29 2006 Contributor: Jim Cockcroft

It's been a long time I thought you'd given up - wife heard you on Radio 2 - get in touch! Doing well hope you are too

Remember me? 41
January 28 2006 Contributor: Johnny Wheeler

Hi Chris, its' been a long time since those crazy days at Phonogram eh! I was the male half of 'Shirley & Johnny', you may recall we recorded for Mercury then Philips and Brian Shepherd was our producer? I'm so please to see you're still continuing to be successful with your recording and playing gigs as am I. Shirley now lives in Australia and although we are still very much in touch, I see little of her and Mel unfortunately. Brian is also remote, he and his wife are in the USA. We see them a couple of times a year I guess. I was playing 'Seasons' today that's what instigated this contact. Where are Glen & Lyell these days? Do they continue to play? Am I right in thinking that Davey Johnstone took over from Lyell? Anyway, continued success and happiness to you and Linda, Johnny Wheeler.

Thank You! 40
January 22 2006 Contributor: Bill Golembeski

I am listening to the "Took a Long Time" CD. Of course, when I bought the import it was called "Putting It All Back Together." Anyway...I am 50 years old and have been a fan since I purchased "Lord of the Ages" on my 1st trip to England. I discovered Magna Carta and Strongbow Cider on the very same day! Anyway (again), I have written a novel called "The English Setter Dance." It's about a folk rock band playing in my Midwest America during the 70's. I don't want an endorsement or anything from you. It's just that I noticed how important Chris's writing has been to me. In fact, one published asked me who had taught me to write in my particular style. I answered Chris Simpson of Magna Carta, William Faulkner, Camus, and Burton Cummings of The Guess Who. Honest! (Although I probably mumbled a few other names because I couldn't believe this woman called me from Texas to say she liked my book!) To the point: You taught me a lot. I teach high school English in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. I graduated from college, but I also graduted from the wonderful period of rock music in the 70's. So I owe you a lot. So...if I send you a copy of the book, will you read it? This is just a way to say thanks for all the hours of listening. The books is not a bore. Check Amazon! People actually like it! Thanks again!

Sincerely: Bill Golembeski

Been listening since '77 39
January 19 2006 Contributor: Jim

Man, I love you folks. Here in the US I mostly get blank looks when I mention Magna Carta. I've owned 3 copies of "Seasons" on vinyl (I've unintentionally destroyed 2 from listening to them so much - and struggling to find copies here in the states during the pre-Internet era was no small feat, I can tell you), a compilation called "Spotlight on Magna Carta", and "Putting It Back Together", the American release of "Took a Long Time".
I was fortunate enough to get a copy of Songs from Wastie's Orchard" on eBay on cd last year, but I realize I have a long way to go with the extent that the band has evolved since then. I can proudly state that I am an acoustic guitarist (a working one for 25 years) in a large part because of the Magna influence I have had over the years. I realize I will probably never be able to hear your band live unless I can find a way overseas, but if all I can ever say is "thank you", then Thank You. My friends and my children hear and love your music, and your music has touched and shaped my soul. May Magna Carta shine for many years to come...

Linda Simpson writes:

been very close to getting into America a few times down the last few years but sadly it hasn't happened yet. We have done a few concerts in South America - but we're still working on the U.S. of A. We're talking to a couple of Canadian Festivals right now too - so you never know what might happen. - Love Linda

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