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After So Many Years 58
April 10 2006 Contributor: Hans van Knegsel

Chris and Linda,
After ca.26 years of listening to your music next weekend it will be our (My wife Marieke and me) first time we meet you at a concert at 17th.april in Holland, Oudeschans(WApen van Oudeschans). We stay there some days to enjoy Groningen.
Hans en Marieke van Knegsel.

Linda Simpson writes:

Thankyou for your message. We will look forward to meeting you - please do come and introduce yourselves. Love Linda

Glenn Stuart 57
April 03 2006 Contributor: Walter Craanen

Dear Chris and Linda,

Yes I am also a fan of the early '70. I was a fan back then and I am still now. And many times I wonder (and I am not the only one I see...) WHAT HAPPENED TO/WHERE IS GLEN STUART. That Petshop story...O.K. we know now, but where is he today!! There must be someone who knows! His voice was divine!!!

A Little Hello 56
March 30 2006 Contributor: Yann YVINEC

Hello Magna Carta
This little mail to say I've been a fan of MC since 1969, the first time I heard the group (I was 17' and on holiday in England). It was the first LP Times of change and essentially a song, Daughter Daughter. I then took my guitar and tried to find the chords for this song so it was beautiful (I found them). Since,I'm followin' the career of MC. But in France, you are knew by only very few lovers et it's very hard to find all you issues in french disc houses. But I own about ten of yours CD's and LP's. Have a long life four MC ! - YANN

Seasons 55
March 19 2006 Contributor: Jane Finlayson

I have always loved Magna Carta - especially Seasons - I was very involved with a crowd from Kings College Cambridge in the early 70's - just as I was thinking of leaving England and who wouldn't have done then ! Leaving to Singapore etc was so romantic and full of untapped hope !! I loved it then and still have my favourite tracks on my tape - now upgraded but none the less loved !!
Cheers Jane

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