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Found, Lost and Found Again 66
April 23 2006 Contributor: Paul Cummings

Heard you in early 80's, bought and lost the album, just googled Lord of the Ages and found you again. Thank you. Paul in British Columbia. Have you considered touring the folk music tour across canada? Valdy has the details and contacts.

Cd Recordings 65
April 23 2006 Contributor: Tabby and Maurice

Dear Chris and Linda,

First of all: thanks for a wonderful performance last Thursday in 'Het Perron', Amsterdam! We've enjoyed it very much!

I haven't had time to listen closely to 'Paul Stewart', just a short listen while working, but what I've heard sounded good. As you said, pretty influenced by Bob Dylan, but that's okay!

Chris, about the recordings: my producer will give me three dates to pick for the weeks till May 10th. As soon as he does I'll give you a call!

Tabby and Maurice.

Great people, Great Music & Great Atmosphere 64
April 18 2006 Contributor: Jan Bos

Cris, Linda & Matt, thanks for a really great performance on Easter monday in the old farm in Oudeschans. It was nice to work with you. Let's hit the hills of Oudeschans again.

Linda Simpson writes:

Dear Jan - We had a great time too - looking forward to seeing you again. Love Linda

balls...... 63
April 17 2006 Contributor: jessica

hehe,how are u, and u, and u? do u like dutch foot? saturday,it was great,ur so funny. thanks for everything.googlukt with the(white) boots

greets jessica (from candle theater)

Linda Simpson writes:

Dear Jessica - Thanks for a great time the other night. The meat balls were the best. The diary will appear soon. Love Linda

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