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Arnhem was Great! 79
May 20 2006 Contributor: Trudie

Hi Linda, Chris and Matt,
It was a lovely evening with nice people, a great gig, lots of laughing and a very good energy around going around. I wish you a beautiful summer and Matt....I didn't mean it, you're much to good for Fairport! Take care, see you all in Autumn, I hope!

Linda Simpson writes:

Dear Trudie, - Thank you for those kind words - we hope you have a great summer too. We'll look after Matt and try not to lose him in Canada! - Love, Linda

Good Old Days 78
May 16 2006 Contributor: Russell

Hi Chris, Russ from Enfield Folk Club just getting in touch to see how life treats you. E-mail me sometime, perhaps we could meet up if/when you are in my area (S. Bucks). Look forward to hearing from you. All the best

And when will we see you in Germany? 77
May 12 2006 Contributor: Andreas

Hi Lin, hi CJ.
I know it's not easy to get even one gig in Germ, but aren't there no German fans out there except Brigitte and me 'n' Yvonne? There were so many records released in Deutschland. Who bought them? Just me? Can't imagine that.

Hope to see you soon! It's overdue!

Linda Simpson writes:

Dear Andrea, - Chris is going to Germany at the end of the month for a discussion with a record company. Records continue to sell in Germany - we just need the right contacts and we'll be there!! - Linda

Small Venues, Great Gigs! 76
May 09 2006 Contributor: Dorothea & Bart

Hello Linda, Chris & Matt,
Seeing you 2 or 3 times within little over a fortnight (Amsterdam, Soest, Arnhem) 'and still wanting more...'. Small venues, great gigs, always a bit different, never a dull moment. Love the music and its performers. Looking forward to Zevenaar in October (or any other opportunity as a mather of fact).
Love from Doro & 'mad chef' Bart

Linda Simpson writes:

It was good to see you too - as always. Stay funky. Love Linda

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