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Happy Memories 82
May 24 2006 Contributor: Marcus Wilkinson

Having a trawl through the WWW I remembered listening to Chris' broadcast on Stuart Maconies' show, and put Magna Carta into the search engine. In so doing invoked memories of a happy if mis-spent youth, and a superb album "In Concert" which over the years I had two copies of, but alas they grew legs. It looks like my next copy will have to be purchased with relative haste, and possibly some other works as well.

Wishing you all much magic!

Linda Simpson writes:

Dear Marcus, - Thank you for your message - maybe the next step is to come to a gig? - Love, Linda

You are the Best 81
May 22 2006 Contributor: Nizar Alsaleh

Hi Linda & Chris

That's Me again Nizar... I just forgot to tell you that you are my all time favorite. You're the best. as pure as original as inspiring. I beleive that you will be there through all ages of time ... you're such immortals ..!! love you Guys and hope to see you soon In Emirates!!!

Bye, Nizar

Linda Simpson writes:

Dear Nizar, - We remember playing in Aleppo, it was a great time - we loved the people too, everyone was so kind to us. We have played in both Abu Dhabi and Dubai in the past, but don't have any plans to go again at the moment.....but nothing is written in stone. Keep playing and writing - it's the door to a new world. Music is a universal language and it's up to us to keep pushing the boundaries. - Linda

A Concert In U.A.E 80
May 22 2006 Contributor: Nizar Alsaleh

Hi Chris & Linda
You are such great Fellas, I love Your music a lot. I've been in a concert for you in Aleppo, Syria (I guess About 10 years ago), and since that time I'm still influnced by your great music and imagination. I'm playing guitar and writing songs, and my dream is write songs one day just like yours

i just wonder if you can make it and come for a concert here in United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi or Dubai). It would be great to see you guys again.

Love and Peace ... and alot of peace

Arnhem was Great! 79
May 20 2006 Contributor: Trudie

Hi Linda, Chris and Matt,
It was a lovely evening with nice people, a great gig, lots of laughing and a very good energy around going around. I wish you a beautiful summer and Matt....I didn't mean it, you're much to good for Fairport! Take care, see you all in Autumn, I hope!

Linda Simpson writes:

Dear Trudie, - Thank you for those kind words - we hope you have a great summer too. We'll look after Matt and try not to lose him in Canada! - Love, Linda

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