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Ontario Canada. 86
July 09 2006 Contributor: Mike & Becky Morris

You guys were amazing. nice to have you play for us In Canada.

Both My Parents are from England, My dad was happy to hear you both play.

Please come again

Mike & Becky Morris
Woodstock Ontario Canada

Linda Simpson writes:

Sorry for the delay in replying - we're only just getting ourselves straight now that we're home. Thank you for contacting the site - and for your kind comments. We're hoping that we'll be back again next year (fingers crossed) - we had a ball, thanks to all the lovely people we met!! - Linda

It's not as simple as that........ 85
July 07 2006 Contributor: Linda Simpson

Dear Anonymous,

Iím sorry that you were disappointed but we were not having an easy time of it either. The sound situation was not good.

Ideally there should have been two people in charge of sound (one at the stage end and one at the desk) and Iím sure the poor guy was wilting in the heat, but he seemed to have completely lost interest at that point and we had to keep asking him to come back to the stage to plug up the instruments. As for not having a sense of urgency: we can only go as fast as the sound technician - and he wasnít rushing.

Normally an audience doesnít see a sound check so you are probably not aware that it is quicker for everyone to plug in and line check individually without interference from other musicians, which is why we get off the stage unless weíre needed. It is very hard to interact with an audience in such circumstances, we did try to make funny comments every now and then, but we were also trying to get the job done and it wasnít going well.

Once everything was plugged in and we were ready to start, the sound man told us that the monitors were not working; that should have been the first thing he told us. Lee plays fretless bass and being able to hear what heís playing is essential - so after one number he had to go and sit in the audience so that he could play.

We set off at 7:30 in the morning to do that gig, we were there on time and ready to go.

If you had seen the evening gig you would have seen the same set up done in a matter of minutes

There are two sides to every story - thank you for giving me the chance to put our side of this one.

I hope you will give us another chance if the opportunity arises.
Kind Regards

Saul Festival 84
July 06 2006 Contributor: Anonymous

We were really looking forward to seeing Magna Carta in Sabrina at the festival but, after watching you spend three quarters of an hour setting up your equipment, tuning your instruments, wandering on and off the stage and chatting vaguely to each other, we had had enough. The schedule was already running late by the time you were due to start but you seemed to think that there was no need even to give the impression that you were ever actually going to play something, never mind show some sense of urgency. Another time, perhaps.

Re-discovering Magna Carta 83
May 26 2006 Contributor: Rex Waldron

I remember being totally knocked out with the Seasons and Songs from Wasties Orchard albums back in the 70's. I lost touch with acoustic and roots music after that but rediscovered it about 3 years ago. I was delighted to find that you are still making great music and now have the early albums on cd plus the wonderful In Tomorrow set too. We shall see you at Saul - can't wait! I have started a Magna Carta revival at our folk club because my son and I performed Airport Song and that got everyone asking if you can still get your cds!

Linda Simpson writes:

Dear Rex, - Thanks for the message - how about booking us for the folk club - that would be neat! - Linda

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