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Completely Happy For 3 Hours 71
May 01 2006 Contributor: anita

How can I find the right words to say how beautifull your words are? I think it's amazing that you can put so many thoughts and feelings in just a few words. That friday evening I was speechless and just dreamed away. Thank you for the wonderfull music, I was completly happy for 3 hours.

Chris, Linda and Matt hope to see you soon.

(28 April: the place was terrible but the people were perfect!)

Linda Simpson writes:

Dear Anita, = Thank you for your words - It makes me very glad that we decided to go ahead with the concert. - Love, Linda

Lyrics ??????????????? 70
April 29 2006 Contributor: ron

Is this an officile site, without lyrics???

No way

Linda Simpson writes:

Dear Ron - I can assure you that this is the official site. We have a lyrics book for sale which is why we do not include the lyrics on the site, but if you wanted specific lyrics you could contact The Friends of Magna Carta.

I tried to write back to you personally but your mail was returned. - Regards Linda

Hi! 69
April 29 2006 Contributor: pedro

I'm a Portuguese guy 33 years old lol. I heard Magna Carta when I was 13. A neighbour was listening to Lord of the Ages all the time, then a few years ago I found some cds. I just want to say that lyrics are pure poetry and the music very beautiful. Magna Carta has the kind of sound that take us away from daily troubles...thanks a lot for your music I really enjoy it.
all the best for all of Magna Carta.

Linda Simpson writes:

Dear Pedro - Thankyou so much for your comments. It's people like you that give us a reason to go on. - Love, Linda

Long time 68
April 25 2006 Contributor: Ian Hawkridge

My first contact with Magna Carta was as a schoolboy in 1970 and then a live concert at Cape Town University in 1973/4. I have just purchased the DVD 'Ticket to the moon' and want to say thanks for being an inspiration to all us tired old acoustic nuts.

Linda Simpson writes:

Dear Ian - I'm sure Chris will reply to you personally. He loved SA and still longs to get back there. It's good to know how far the music still travels. - Love, Linda

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