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Canterbury Festival 94
July 30 2006 Contributor: Linda -- Sweet Water Women

Hello Linda!!! It was great meeting you at the Canterbury Festival, Ingersol, Ontario. I hope our paths cross again!!

Linda Simpson writes:

Great to meet you too - I also enjoyed the album.- Linda

Sheet music and more 93
July 27 2006 Contributor: Torkjell Berge (TJ)

Greetings from Idaho (USA that is :-) ).

I have two questions:
1) My daughter has really gotten exited about your music (I have been that way for 30 years). She is learning to play guitar these days and would love to get her hands on sheet music so she can play the songs she loves. Where can one get ahold of sheet music?
2) Maybe I am just an old sentimental Norwegian, but "Prisoners on the Line" was one of my favorite albums. Any chance that one will make it in the the world of CDs?


TJ Berge (alias TJ the Viking)

Linda Simpson writes:

Dear TJ - 'Prisoners on the Line' - we're working on it and will notify all those on the mailing list when it happens. A personal email is also on its way to you - Love, Linda

hi 92
July 25 2006 Contributor: walter f. diet

becoming 50 people run through their past.
all the best from metzingen, germany

Hope to see you soon! It's overdue!

Linda Simpson writes:

50? A mere child!! Hope you had a great birthday - Linda

Happy birthday Chris....... a bit late....... 91
July 16 2006 Contributor: Jet Lovink

Hi Chris,

We hope you had a great birthday with big presents and a lot of.......???
Couldn't write earlier as we were on holiday ourselves. Hopefully you all enjoyed Canada ! Also greetings to Linda and Matt, see you in August.

Lots of love,
Henk, Jet & Hanneke

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