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Putting it Back Together 102
August 29 2006 Contributor: Gary Copeland

I was given this album back in 1976 by a friend who hated it. It is one of my prize posession albums, I thought the group long had faded until I typed your name into GOOGLE and was'nt I suprised.
I shall now be buying more albums.

Saul Canal Festival 101
August 25 2006 Contributor: Lenie Dreef

Hi Linda, Reading your articles, you say you will do a proper writing about the Saul Canal Festival if you have time for that in Canada. I know you're back home in the meantime, but are you going to write more stories about this festival?
Lots of love Danny and Lenie

Catching up on all that History 100
August 22 2006 Contributor: Alan

Somebody mentioned Magna Carta (1215 and all that) and that inspired me to Google the name of one of my favourite groups of the 70s. Saw you playing at Harrogate Theatre and (I might be dreaming this) as back up to Paul Simon at the Royal Albert Hall.

Absolutely delighted to find Magna Carta is still around and shall be doing my best to catch up with the music I have missed; from the clips on the net I won't be disappointed.

I am from Harrogate and Upper Wharfedale - from Grassington up to Kettlewell - is one of my favourite parts of the Dales. I live in the South of England now and envy you.

Linda Simpson writes:

Dear Alan - Good to hear from you. We are playing south of Watford Gap in the near future - have you checked out the gig dates? - Linda

Father John 99
August 17 2006 Contributor: christopher.pulford

I heard Magna Carta play in Cheltenham in 1975. I was 16 and planned to be a priest... It is a long story but the inspiration of this beautiful music has never left me...
Big respect and always a fan
Christopher (now ex-priest)

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