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Photographs 118
October 19 2006 Contributor: Coenraad ("Conrad") Heijdemann

I visited the concert in Druten, the Netherlands, on 6 October last. In advance, I had asked the theatre if it was okay to take pictures. I was kindly given permission to take photos, and did so. Although not all of them turned out the way I wanted, some were quite nice, and I thought I'd send you links so you can view and/or download them through the web yourself.

Here they are:

I hope you'll enjoy them - I certainly enjoyed the concert and the cd's my wife and I bought! (I'm listening to an old right now, Lord of the Ages - what a brilliant album that was, and always will be!)


Coenraad ("Conrad") Heijdemann

Thanks For The Music! 117
October 17 2006 Contributor: Kevin McLaughlin

I've been a fan for 18 years, and I'd love it if you could come to South Carolina, USA!

Linda Simpson writes:

Dear Kevin, - We'd love it too! We've been trying to get into America - but it's not easy!! We haven't given up trying though, so watch this space. - Linda

Den Haag October 9, 2006 116
October 10 2006 Contributor: Leon

We would like to let you know that we loved your show at Acoustic Alley. We buy Magna Carta records since the late 70 thies. (Took a Long Time and Live in Bergen are our favorites!)
Last time before 9 October that we saw Magna Carta live was in the early 80 thies in the Waag Theater in Delft. The band played there a few times. It was before Linda came in the band, but Chris will remember the Waag?? Wish you luck. We look forward to a next time.

Linda Simpson writes:

Dear Leon, - I actually did play at the Waag theater - twice. I thought it was wonderful - sad that it's gone as I know Magna Carta had a real love for the place... you too by the sound of it. - Love, Linda

Wunderful Music... 115
October 09 2006 Contributor: ivonne and frans

Hello you three,
Just want to say that we had a marvellous night last saturday in IJmuiden. It was the 2nd time for us and hopefully not the last. Looking forward to see and hear you on a next gig, maybe somewhere else in Holland.
P.S. I have been reading your diary for maybe 1 hour. Lovely!

Linda Simpson writes:

That's great - don't forget that we are bringing English Peanut butter next time!! - Love, Linda

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