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Sjeep and Surprises 107
October 06 2006 Contributor: Trudie

I love surprises. I can offer Sushi, our black, short-haired cat, she's playing mouth-mouse as well. Can't wait to come to the concerts and meet Sjeep!!!!! And.....indeed...tomorrow never comes!

With a huge hug for all of you!

Musicians 106
October 01 2006 Contributor: Bruis Schutte

At the 25th of October this year Magna Carta will perform in De Meerse in Holland. Could you please inform me which musicians will perform during this concert. Is there a base player and a drummer ?

Kind regards,

Bruis Schutte

Linda Simpson writes:

Dear Bruce - There will be no bass or drums on the Dutch tour. The line up is:- Chris - guitar, vocals, mouth harp; Linda - guitar,vocals, percussion, recorders, mouth harp and maybe a bit of mandolin (if it works out OK); Matt - fiddle, mandolin and vocals. There will be new songs and a few surprises .... - Linda

Luxembourg 105
September 18 2006 Contributor: René Summer

I hear your music for 30 years now, and have they now also found on itunes!
Now I does not have to copy any longer my old LP's to my Ipod..... :-)
You played in the middle of the 70 also once in Luxembourg, Do you remember? Live at the Melusina?
Hope to see you perhaps again in Luxembourg?

Greetings fro Luxembourg!

Hello from Lippe, Germany 104
September 03 2006 Contributor: Wolfgang Esser

A long time ago I was at an concert from you in Steinheim, Germany. I have had a very good talk with the band. We, my girl friend, Blotevogel and Joachim Kiel. I hope to hear another concert here in Lippe, Germany.

Love your music - sincerely

Linda Simpson writes:

Dear Wolfgang - We're just trying to sort out a German tour.- we should know more in a couple of months. We love playing Germany - always had good times there. - Linda

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