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Perfect! 126
October 25 2006 Contributor: max mackenzie

Hello all,

My wife and me enjoyed the show! Next time when you visit Veenendaal, please play four seasons, it won’t take long (-; that would be awesome!
What was that aunty song again? I forgot the lyrics, could not write that fast ((-:

Take care

Max and Conny

Linda, Chris & Matt writes:

Thank you very much for your comment. The lyrics to 'Gorilla Godzilla' will be appearing on this site soon, but you can hear it on the website. - Love, Chris, Linda and Matt.

Veenendaal, 24th October 2006 125
October 25 2006 Contributor: Maarten van Veen

Hi Musicans and artist,

With much pleasure I have visited yesterday your concert in De Lampegiet. Nice work and good performance. We have (me and twin brother) enjoy it very much. I have buy your latest CD to enjoy even more.

Linda Simpson writes:

Thank you - it's good to get such messages - at least we know we're doing something right!! - Linda

Most Favourite 124
October 24 2006 Contributor: Thomas Ahrens

I love the music of Magna Carta since more than 30 years. My most favourite Album is "Live at the Concertgebouw" from 1971. I have been in Australia 2000 visiting the olympic games in Sydney and the song that symbolizes these wonderful memories of this voyage is the Airport Song. Thank you Magna Carta for so many wonderful hours, listening to your music! Kind regards, Thomas (soon 50, omg !!!)

Linda Simpson writes:

Dear Thomas - Don't worry about being 50, it's not so bad so enjoy your birthday. - L

Kippenvel 123
October 22 2006 Contributor: jose

het concert in Enkhuizen was weer kippenvel!! In English: the concert was again ...uh........chickenskin...., what means that it was very emotional.

Thanks and see you soon!!!!

Linda Simpson writes:

Hi there - In English we call it 'goose pimples' - it's the same thing. Glad you enjoyed it. - Linda.

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