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Gouveia... 1527
May 12 2018 Contributor: Carlos

Amazing moment in Gouveia municipality! Thank you!

May 12 2018 Contributor: Mirella

Congratulations to all of you for prompting the unplugged session on May 6 in the municipality of Gouveia_ it was totally great and brave of all of you!! I hope, that barfoot Wendy did not catch a cold on the ice cold stones...
Coming all the way from Vienna, Austria - your music and her violin created a wonderful moment.
Best wishes
Mirella and Gerhard

Sharrington 1525
April 27 2018 Contributor: Helen Rowe

I was really looking forward to catching up with Magna Carta, after all these years, on the 30th in Sherrington only to find it should be the 23rd when I’ll be out of the country!! Maybe one day. Never mind still can enjoy the music.

Wales Dates 1524
April 15 2018 Contributor: Mick Fisher

I'm so pleased that Magna Carta will be playing dates in South Wales in September. I'll definitely be attending at least one of them.

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