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Who Knows....... 130
October 29 2006 Contributor: Jet Lovink

Dear Chris, Linda and Matt,

Again Zevenaar was a great experience. A lot of new and very beautiful songs performed in a great atmosphere !
"Who Knows Where The Time Goes"....... It really touched my soul....... Linda and Matt, thank you so much for making this song even more beautiful than it already was !

Love Jet

Linda Simpson writes:

Thanks for that. If you're happy, we're happy. L

Concert Last Night 129
October 27 2006 Contributor: J. J. Heeren

Hi Linda and Chris,

It was nice to see you again last night. We enjoyed ourselves very much.

The link I am sending you is from the band I am playing in. It is all in Dutch so you won't understand a lot of it, but it is quite fun. We play just for fun, The number you can hear Tom wrote, he is our pianist. Our lead singer is the daughter of my wife Désirée, Nastassja.
Once again it was nice to see you and keep in touch!
see you

Jaap -

Linda Simpson writes:

Dear Jaap - it was lovely to see you too. it's good to know that all is well with you all. good luck with the band. - love, Linda.

Prisoners on the Line.... 128
October 26 2006 Contributor: Joe Hay


I've been looking for a copy of prisoners on the line on CD for ages now.. I just found out on your website that it was never released on CD...It is truly a superb album, one of my all-time favorites. Hopefully it is available for download somewhere in MP3 format...

Linda Simpson writes:

I have tried to reply to your e-mail address but my mail was returned. We have a friend who might be able to help you with a copy of 'Prisoners on the Line'.
Can you please write to and confirm your e mail address - or give another one so that we can get in touch.

Lost your E-mail Address 127
October 25 2006 Contributor: Jaap en Désirée

Hi Linda,

Could you please send us your e-mail address so we can mail you, as you asked in Hoofddorp tonight. We enjoyed the gig very much.
Greeting to Chris and Matt.
Jaap en Désirée

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