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Zevenaar 135
October 31 2006 Contributor: Reinhard Kox

Sorry about your bad throat, but WKWTTG was really great!

English Concert in December 2006? 134
October 30 2006 Contributor: Chris Haigh

Really glad to hear that you have released Backroads including Fields of Eden - looking forward to getting hold of a copy.

Any chance that you will be doing a Christmas concert in Yorkshire this year. Do hope so, looking forward to hearing you play live again.

Linda Simpson writes:

I'm sorry but we haven't planned any Yorkshire concerts yet - I'm sure we will at some point - but not for Christmas this year - sorry.
Love Linda

Saturday Night the 28th in Zevenaar 133
October 30 2006 Contributor: Nathalie

Dear Chris, Linda and Matt,

After several years of being away I'm very happy to say I'm back. I enjoyed the show so very much that I regret the fact I've been away for so long. But that won't happen anymore, now I'm here to stay! See you in Velp on the 15th of November.


Linda Simpson writes:

Dear Nathalie - It was good to see you there. The new hairstyle is great too. - love L

Concert in Theater Achterom Hilversum 132
October 30 2006 Contributor: Ben en Marja

Dear Linda, Chris and Matt,

Thank you for the nice evening. In 2005 we had a nice evening and now its was again perfect. In 2005 hear Linda singing Only a Lonely Girl and now the song was again. For use a specialy song. Can you tell us when the song is comming on a CD.
In the car back home we played Backroads at home looking the DVD Airport Song. I had to buy In Tomorrow. I hope I can do that another time. I think I comming to Soest to buy it. thanks for nice evening.

Linda Simpson writes:

Hi, I'm not sure when we will get to record the new songs properly - we're looking to get into a studio sometime this year,so 'Watch this Space'. Love, Linda

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