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MuziekCentrum, Enschede 190
November 11 2006 Contributor: Robert Stekelenburg

Thanks for a wonderfull concert yesterday in Enschede!
As a teenager during the seventies I loved the Magna Cartas music and sound, then lost track thinking the group had disappeared. Yesterday was the first time I saw you perform (shame on me?). The mix of the young and talented "Little Noddy" and yourselves worked out very well. There was fun on stage and a certain warmth and this made the concert a memorable one.
I also love to see that you still have inspiration for new songs and themes!

Thanks again and good luck for the rest of the tour!


Linda Simpson writes:

Dear Robert,
Thanks for your comments, so pleased that you enjoyed it - we hope that you won't take so long to come to another concert.

Amen - Thanks for the Wonderful Day 139
November 6 2006 Contributor: Mark Dontje

Hello members of Magna Carta,

It was a honour to play as support act of your beautifull show last sunday. You're really magnificent musicians and I hope to see and hear you play soon. Greetings,
Mark Dontje

Linda Simpson writes:

Dear Mark - We also enjoyed your set very much. Don't let go of the music. - Love, Linda

Matchbox 138
November 6 2006 Contributor: Jelle Edelenbosch

Hello members of Magna Carta,

No sign of our matchboxes on your site, unfortunately. I hope you didn't loose them. Greetings and don't forget to have a look at I wish everybody all the best.

Linda Simpson writes:

Actually the matches have been just great, we have been able to light the candles in our cabin and it now looks very cosy. I'm sorry you were not mentioned in the diary - but you have now added your site to the guestbook, so I don't feel too bad about it. Keep on rockin'.

Love, Linda

't Voorhuys, Emmeloord - 29th October 137
November 2 2006 Contributor: Nick

Hi Linda, Chris and Matt(?),

(I'm sorry but didn't quite got the name of the fabulous (electric) violin and mandolin player, guess it's Matt...)

Along with a friend of mine (Hans) we wanted to visit a concert and checked out 'who was playing' at the end of October. And there all of a sudden 'Magna Carta' was on the list.

One of my (all time) favorits is still 'The Airport Song' so when I saw you were touring through Holland, the decision was made very easily. Also Hans' wife is still fan of MC so she would love to come along. So the two of us went to Emmeloord along with our wife and girlfriend.

It was surprizing to see that the band was reduced to just the two of you (Linda and Chris) but on the other hand, it also made is somewhat special. Especially the contribution of Matt(?) was great. I simply loved the Irish sound created by two guitars and the mandolin and sometimes it touched my deep inside.

I agree with you Linda, that the stage was somewhat higher in regards to the audience seats as 'usual'. But IMHO the distance between MC and the audience was not measurable.

Sitting in the lazy chairs at a lazy sunday afternoon, it was a nice surprize to hear you play and to feel the moods of the old Magna Carta appearing again. Although the reduction of the band (members) could be noticed and modified the 'mood' of the old MC, it was a nice concert and I still am glad I've been there!

(In Emmeloord of all places, haha)

The only disappointment for me was tha you didn't play 'The Airport Song', I hoped it would be played in the 'encore' but... it wasn't.

Anyhow, it was great to see you playing again and hope to hear from you again still in 2030! :-)

Kind regards,

Linda Simpson writes:

Dear Nick,
I'm really glad that you enjoyed the concert but am sorry that you missed seeing more people on stage. Magna Carta started as three people and we love to play this way, it's more intimate.

We don't always play 'Airport Song' - there is the risk that people think we are trading on past glories. We have played it at some concerts, but only when we received a specific request....maybe we should reconsider this one.

Thank you for bothering to get in touch - it's helpful to know what people think.

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