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Special 201
November 14 2006 Contributor: Trudie

The concert was very special in Horst, it was good to be there and meeting all of you again!
But.......I forgot to say goodbye to Jan Bor (de Wolf)....please say sorry for me......
Looking forward to Texel!
And......uh....that Gouverneur Beer was very good, too.......

Linda Simpson writes:

Don't tell me about the beer!! I had only had a slice of toast in the morning and after we played I had a couple of those beers - BAM - good stuff!
See you in Texel

Birthday Party 200
November 13 2006 Contributor: Jacoline en Teun Baan

Good morning Magna Carta,

Writing down a short message in English I'm facing the same problem as Linda. Everything is red underlined! Fortunately there is to correct me.
What a special concert in Horst. It was not the first time we have been on your concert, but the first time in "Cambrinus" What a marvelous place and hospitable owners! The concert was very good. Most striking the performance of Fields of Eden (and the short silence after finishing the song)
Being a "ordinary" men with 3.0 young children we had to leave immediately after the concert. Dinner had to be served.
Thanks for a wonderful concert

Linda Simpson writes:

Thank you for braving the spell check to write to us!!
Glad you enjoyed it - maybe we'll see you next year? We've just booked back again for 25th November. How's that?

Enschede - Holland 199
November 12 2006 Contributor: Marcel Apperloo

Chris, Linda and 'little Noddy',
Thank you very much for your great concert in Enschede. We enjoyed it very much ! I made a few pictures, maybe you'd like see them. Just go to

Thank again,

Linda Simpson writes:

Thanks for the pictures, sadly I got them after the diary had been sent in - otherwise I would have used the one of Chris - it's rather nice.
Glad you enjuoyed the show anyway.
Little Noddy says Hi

Still available?? 198
November 12 2006 Contributor: Iain Maclean

I have just got up and running on the internet and tried to find details of Magna Carta,I remember a track which was based on "sitting in the airport lounge waiting for a plane" is this record still available and if so on which album?
It was way back in the sixties but a fantastic song.
Great to make contact.

Linda Simpson writes:

I know that Chris has written to you personally but if you go to our credits page you will find a link to Walter's discography site. He knows more about our releases than we do!!

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