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Thank you for visiting. Please feel free to sign the guestbook. 207
November 17 2006 Contributor: Bridget

I wonder whether there could be a sort of STOP PRESS info on Radio "Lives" via Internet, Mail or Newsletter, please?


Linda Simpson writes:

Sorry - we got the details at the last minute - but we will do our best next time. There might even be a real live concert at Laser Radio - we'll keep you informad.

Horst and More... 206
November 16 2006 Contributor: Bridget & Jacob

Dear Linda, Chris and Matt,

Please blame it on nothing else but timetables that we sadly had to gallop off before the Extra - we would have loved to give you all the applause that was your due after the concert, especially for that hilarious version of "Backroads" and the parody of "Your-Average-Rockstar"'s mannerism. May we at this point solemnly state that Matt, whom we came to know as a very shy young man when we first saw him on stage with Chris and Linda has been thoroughly spoilt since then. *joke*

Here's to the next Magna Lives!

Linda Simpson writes:

It was a good afternoon - we enjoyed it too.
We'll be back again next year so maybe you'll stay for the encore next time?

Lovely as Ever 205
November 16 2006 Contributor: Dorothea & Bart

Hi guys,

We had a good time yesterday as always. I think you should warn the coming venues they have to plan some extra time to let Matt endulge all the knickers & bras he gets thrown at him. Also a special thanks for singing 'Songbird' especially for Bart at the Zevenaar gig. We were touched. Looking forward to seeing you all soon again!

Love & kisses
Dorothea (also on behalve of Bart)

Linda Simpson writes:

Dear Dorothea,
Glad you enjoyed it - and I was happy to do the song for Bart - it's nice to be able to give something back when we can.

Concert in Velp 204
November 16 2006 Contributor: willemien

Hi Magna Carta

I really enjoyed this evening. It was as memorable as the last time I saw you. I would like to ask you if the song 'Lonely Girl' already is recorded on CD
Thanks again, bye for now

Linda Simpson writes:

Dear Willemein,
Thank you for the nice comments. Lonely Girl is not yet recorded but, if you are a member of The Friends', you will be getting a CDR in this year's Christmas card which will include a live recording of the song.

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