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De Gruitpoort 211
November 18 2006 Contributor: Pim Heutink

Hello people of Magna Carta,

And enjoyed working for you as a sound engineer in De Gruitpoort in Doetinchem. As you surely know: a good performance needs a combination of positive elements: your performance, atmosphere, audience, light and sound. I think all those elements where present yesterdaynight. Many compliments for you!

Pim Heutink

Linda Simpson writes:

Dear Pim,
We do indeed appreciate the sound and lights and you have had a lot of compliments from people who were at the concert.
As we are 'behind' it, it isn't always easy to know how good it is, but I do love it when the feedback is good for you guys.
Keep up the good work.

Great Again!!! 210
November 18 2006 Contributor: Kees

Thanks again to the three of you. I visit your concert in Zevenaar 3 weeks ago which I enjoyed. The setting in Zevenaar is more warm but the sound in Doetinchem was 10 times better. thanks to the sound engineers. I'm looking forward to see you in 3 weeks in Amersfoort again. And to Matt: groeten terug van Henny.


Linda Simpson writes:

Every concert is different that's for sure.
By the time we get to Amersfoort there should be a couple more new songs in too.
Thanks for the support.

Goosebumps... 209
November 18 2006 Contributor: Vincent

When I went to the Gruitpoort last night, I didn't know what to expect! As a former fellow-student from Matt, I heard about Magna Carta. I started to listen to some songs from Magna Carta and I liked it very much.(An uncle had some songs in his collection of music! Airport song and such)It was very moving, relaxing and close to home at the same time. Brilliant!

But when I attended the show last night it gave me goosebumps. The show was very close, almost personal. ('Intiem' we say in Holland. Ask Matt for the right translation!)

On the stage there were three musicians who gave a brilliant show. As a friend of Matt I never heard him play like this...

Lots of love, Vincent...

Linda Simpson writes:

Dear VIncent,
Thank you so much for bothering to write - we know how busy life can be at your age.
It's so nice to see young faces in the audience - and even nicer to know that they enjoyed the experience.I hope we will see you again?

I'm Looking Forward... 208
November 17 2006 Contributor: Marc

Hello Magna Carta,

When I was a little boy in the early seventies, I already listened to Magna Carta, when my oldest brothers played albums like "Lord of the Ages". Then, In '92 and '93 I was finally there at one of your concerts. One of them was a live recording in Deventer. Now after all those years I'm looking forward to see you play again. I remembered it made much impression to me! It was so pure enjoyable and relaxed those evenings. I hope it will be the same next Saturday in my own hometown Ede!
Good luck and see you then.


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