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Wonderfull!!! 222
November 28 2006 Contributor: Sanne Wolf

Hi Chris, Linda and Matt,

Last friday I went for the first time to one of youre gigs, and it was wonderfull!

My dad has almost all youre cd's and he and my mother went to your gigs now and then and I always had to stay home, but now I could come too one of youre gigs, together with my boyfriend and parents. We have had a great time!

I wandered before the gig if you had a BodhrŠn and guess what! you did!hahaha. I also play the BodhrŠn so I was really happy when I saw that you have one and played on it.

I hope we see you all soon again cause it was really great!

Love sanne

Linda Simpson writes:

Dear Sanne,
Thank you for that - I just hope that you play the bedpan better than I do!!

Sunday, November 26 221
November 28 2006 Contributor: Ger Schafer

Hello Chris, Linda & Matt,

It was really great to see & meet you in Klif 12. Thea, Peggy and me had a great time as guests to your concert. Pity for Peggy and me, especially now we're only a duo, that we couldn't play as support, but we also could understand why and we just loved the show. Maybe we'll get another chance one day to do an evening together.

It was great talking to you and we really hope to see you back soon and you're always welcome to our place on Texel. Loads of success the coming gigs and tours,

Love and best wishes, Ger.

Linda Simpson writes:

I'm just sorry I didn't talk to you for very long!
I hope we will see you again - and thanks for the offer.


NEW FAN!! 220
November 27 2006 Contributor: Ken Prescott

Hello from Canada!
I was recently pondering through a vintage record store in Toronto and stumbled upon Seasons, by Magna Carta. Reading through the liner notes, I noticed some interesting musicians (Wakeman, Johnstone, Visconti) So on a whim I took a chance and purchased the cd. Being a 60s and 70s collector, I had read something years ago about a band called Magna Carta, but their lack of notoriety in North America never caused me to come across their music...that is until March 3, 2006....When I took Seasons home and was blown away by the beauty and harmonies intertwined with the brilliant musicianship. For me it was like finding the Holy Grail! I love this album sooo much, it is incredible. To be in my early 40s and discover this lost gem from nearly 40 years ago is astounding. Thanks you SO MUCH!
I was wondering if you ever have toured Canada or the USA? WIll you ever again? As well, did you ever tour with Lindisfarne?, another British folk rock group I admire very much.
Thanks for the honesty and purity you convey in your lyrics. I am so glad to hear the the band that created such a masterpiece as Seasons are still together.
Ken Prescott
Toronto, Canada
PS: I just discovered that Airport Song reached #111 in the Billboard Music Charts in 1970 in the USA...incredible...

Linda Simpson writes:

Hi there,
We did play in Canada this year - not so far from you (check the diary for details). Sadly it was only one concert and at the moment there are no plans for another....but we're working on it. We're so glad that you like the music.
Chris said he would contact you personallay so watch out for that in your in-box.

Concert in Nijega November 24 (Frysl‚n) 219
November 26 2006 Contributor: Durk and Jetske Hoekstra

Hello, Chris, Linda and Matt,
We visited your concert in Nyega on November 24th and enjoyed it very much.
Especially the second part, after the break, was very special to us. We have most of your records, on vinyl as well as on CD, but never were able to visit a concert. From now on we look forward to listen to you live at a concert when you are near by Leeuwarden! (We'll contact Matt for adresses)
Your jokes, marvellous playing, chats, everything was very special to us during and after the concert!
Please go on composing and playing your beautiful music

Durk and Jetske

Linda Simpson writes:

Dear Both,
Thank you for your nice comments - I know that sometimes we get a bit carried away with the chat - but all northerners together can't be bad can it?

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