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Christmas Wishes 261
December 10 2006 Contributor: Drew Wilkins

In the process of writing a card to you and decided to check the website as well. So now you'll get this as well as a card. Some people have all the luck. When will you next be in East Anglia? Lots of love,

Drew and Annie

End of the Autumn Tour 260
December 10 2006 Contributor: Familie Baan

I hope you had a good time in Holland. See you again next year. Have a nice Christmas back home in England.

Radio Soest 257
December 9 2006 Contributor: Tom

Just Wanted to say that It was allot of fun Making the 1 hour shown with u guys. Thanks for the good time.

Goodluck! :D


Pleasent Surprise 251
December 3 2006 Contributor: Janny and Pieter

What a nice renewed acquaintance after 32 years... Lovely concert, good atmosphere and performers who visibly enjoyed themselves.
We put 13-12-2007 already in our diary. Looking forward to community singing "Rhinocratic Oaths" or "My pink half of the drainpipe" after the show....

Thanks again, and whenever we come downhill from either side of your village we will hit the brakes..

Janny and Pieter

Linda Simpson writes:

The kettle will be on!!

Good and Funny Concert 249
December 3 2006 Contributor: Lizzie and Henk

Dear Linda, Chris and Matt
It was a good and very funny concert last night in Vlaardingen. Love the new songs but Fields of Eden and Backroads are still our favorites at this moment. Guess we have to hear the new songs more to really appreciate them. Hope you will make a new CD soon.
Love and hugs Lizzie and Henk

Linda Simpson writes:

Dear Lizzie and Henk,
So sorry we didn't see you after the show - as a member of 'The Friends'- you will be getting a Christmas CD from us with live performances of all the new songs. I just hope we can get it finished on time!!

Thanks Linda, Chris, Matthijs 231
November 30 2006 Contributor: Sieb Kroeske

Thanks for the kind and loving words. The radioshow on nov. 16th at was fine and although indeed a little nervous (you never know what you can expect with Chris around.....) I enjoyed it very much. "The Ordinary Man" is a great song, hope to play that soon in my shows. We will sort out a real live show at the station as soon as we can.
I love you too!

Backroads Album 229
November 29 2006 Contributor: Garry Critchley

Is the Backroads album available at all in this country?

Linda Simpson writes:

I'm sorry but I can't tell from your e-mail which country you're in - although I assume it's the UK.
If anyone can't find a copy of Backroads I believe it is available on e-bay - or you can buy direct from us - just contact for further details.

Wonderfull!!! 222
November 28 2006 Contributor: Sanne Wolf

Hi Chris, Linda and Matt,

Last friday I went for the first time to one of youre gigs, and it was wonderfull!

My dad has almost all youre cd's and he and my mother went to your gigs now and then and I always had to stay home, but now I could come too one of youre gigs, together with my boyfriend and parents. We have had a great time!

I wandered before the gig if you had a Bodhrán and guess what! you did!hahaha. I also play the Bodhrán so I was really happy when I saw that you have one and played on it.

I hope we see you all soon again cause it was really great!

Love sanne

Linda Simpson writes:

Dear Sanne,
Thank you for that - I just hope that you play the bedpan better than I do!!

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