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Thank God it's (almost) Christmas 268
December 20 2006 Contributor: Harry 'pressofficer' Pater

Dear Chris, Linda & Matt,

Today I was happy to receive the special "Friends" cd you made. Thank you all very much for all these beautiful songs and silly things, my livingroom was filled with laughter from The Gorilla Song on (Lebbis quickly ran away after looking at me sheepishly -which is quite unusual for a cat, I might add).

It truly has been a wonderful tour and I agree that this must have been the best Dutch tour you ever did (and I've attended a few since the early seventies)! I also would like to thank Jan and I hope to see him again next year, although I missed Darrell too!

Thank you for the music, as Björn & Benny and the girls would say, and for your friendship and companionship and all other ships!

Have a great Christmas and a wonderful New Year! I'm pretty sure that we'll meet again soon.

Luv & hugs,


Pleasant Evening in Culemborg 267
December 18 2006 Contributor: Conny

Hi guys,

Just like to say thank you for a very pleasant evening in Culemborg (December 8th). I am a good friend of Jan and I had to hear a lot of stories about you and the tour, so it was great to see you live on stage (and in the bar ;-))! I could see Jan had a great time with you guys, that made me very happy too.

I wish you beautifull x-mass days with lot's of good food and drinks! Cheers!!


Noordpolderzijl 265
December 11 2006 Contributor: Clara

Thank you for the fantastic concert yesterday at Noordpolderzijl. Matthijs: ik was bijzonder geroerd door het pure geluk dat je uitstraalde daar op het podium. See you all next time. Clara.

Thanks 264
December 11 2006 Contributor: Marco

Linda, next time I will bring my harmonica's with me.. merry christmas

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