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New Cut Arts 278
February 11 2007 Contributor: Gina

I saw you for the first time the other evening with my Dad. He saw you (a slightly different line up!) in university, and this time I am about the age he was the first time he saw you. May I just say that you appeal to a whole new generation! Thanks for such a good time, Gina Adams

Linda Simpson writes:

Dear Gina,
Thank you for your kind words. Music should cross all boundaries, even the generation gap, and you are the proof that it's true!
Hope to see you again sometime.

Halesworth 9th Feb 277
February 11 2007 Contributor: Chris Adams

I have seen Michael Chapman a number of times before so bought tickets for my daughter & I to see your joint gig at the New Cut. Vague memories of Magna Carta c1970 at Bristol Students Union, but had not heard of the band since - what a revelation! Brilliant set, fine lyrics and great delivery. Also bought "A Touch of Class" - excellent album and a very appropriate title. I hope you will come back to the New Cut sometime and play a full set?

Linda Simpson writes:

We'd love to - we did enjoy ourselves.

Bedford on the 10th February 276
February 11 2007 Contributor: David and Sally Sangster

Dear Chris and Linda
Thank you so much for such a brilliant evening. Sally and I were just blown away by the songs.To actually meet you Chris and to shake your hand was for me a privilege and an ambition of mine which has finally been fulfilled. That might sound corny but I have been playing Magna Carta since I heard Seasons on Radio 2 one sunday evening sometime in 1970. Sally will vouch for this when I say I have never stopped playing your songs. For me they are timeless and will always be a part of my life. And Linda, your voice is just amazing!
So thank you again. With love. David and Sally Sangster (Hertford).

Tonight at Bedford 275
February 11 2007 Contributor: Alan

Thanks again to all three of you for tonight's concert. I have just got back from Bedford having topped off the evening by playing "Backroads" for an hour on the car system. Really enjoyed the evening and look forward to the next time. I hope you will be able to do more concerts in England (as you suggested might be on the cards).

Linda Simpson writes:

Thanks for that - we're working on it but we haven't been around in the UK for such a long time so progress is a little slow.

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