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Comeback - Hepie & Hepie 292
February 26 2007 Contributor: Harry Pater

Good news for their fans (and Chris!), famous dutch singing duo Hepie & Hepie are coming back together! Loud cheers were heard in Hebden, so we have heard.

The two cousins Hepie and Hepie were quite popular in Holland in the eighties. In May their new album will be released; the first single in April.

25 years ago the two ladies started singing for the first time. In the late eighties the duo disbanded.

(For those who don't understand the above mentioned news: Hepie & Hepie have been mentioned by Chris during many concerts in Holland).

Linda Simpson writes:

We would like to wish Hepie and Hepie lots of luck with the new release.

Prisoners On The Line 285
February 24 2007 Contributor: Chris Stacey

Hi....just discovered your site. Very user friendly! A question:

Why has Prisoners On The Line never been released on CD? Arguably one of MG's finest albums which went gold too. Record company obligations or has the master tapes vanished? Very curious...


Chris Simpson writes:

Hi, Chris,
Thank you for your mail.
'Prisoners on the LIne,' was my least favourite album but the songs were OK.I hated the production although what Hennie Becker did, according to his brief was excellent. Tom Hoy and I had come to the end of that particular road and for me,- it shows. That, however, was what I felt, and still feel. The great thing about music is, someone else always hears it a different way, and not necessarily the way that you do. That is humbling and quite wonderful.
There are plans to release it this year.
Do stay in touch and thank you for listening.
Every good wish,
Chris Simpson.

Ten Years and Still Married!! 280
February 18 2007 Contributor: Mark Wilson

After 12 years I am sure you will not remember the time you gave myself and now my wife Kathryn (Kathryn used to work in the "fudge shop") a signed copy of State Of The Art CD while you were doing a live session at the "Dev" in Grassington on New Years Eve. I had just proposed to Kathryn and she said yes and we just happend to gate crash the session! It was an amazing evening and was nearly as good as Kathryn saying "Yes I will". We were married at the Congregational Chapel a couple of years later and even had the reception at the Dev. Gate crashing the session is still one of those fond memorries! Do you still live in Grassington? If not do you ever get to play local to Skipton? Hope you both are well and keeping busy but most of all thank you for the fond memory.

Mark & Kathryn Wilson

Chris Simpson writes:

Hi, Mark,
Were you the dude with the baseball cap on the wrong way round?
I do remember the Devonshire on New Year's Eve. Could I ever forget?
I have never played to so many clinically dead people in my life.They made your average zombie look like action man.
Whichever way, congratulations on your ten years and may they grow to be twenty ad infinitum.

Every good wish,

New Cut Arts 278
February 11 2007 Contributor: Gina

I saw you for the first time the other evening with my Dad. He saw you (a slightly different line up!) in university, and this time I am about the age he was the first time he saw you. May I just say that you appeal to a whole new generation! Thanks for such a good time, Gina Adams

Linda Simpson writes:

Dear Gina,
Thank you for your kind words. Music should cross all boundaries, even the generation gap, and you are the proof that it's true!
Hope to see you again sometime.

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