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Tab Martin and Kathy 343
May 8 2007 Contributor: Lisa Villa aka Brearey

Your name just came up in old family friends with my mum Kathy...and we looked you up and listened to some of your music. Would love to come and see you play... I live in the states but will be in England for the summer...

After almost 40 years!!! 340
April 26 2007 Contributor: Tracy Saunders (nee Schumacher)

I cannot believe you are still playing together!!! It simply never occured to me to check and then last night I say a (rather poor video on UTube and said: "That's Chris and Glen! I would know those voices anywhere!" When I knew you in 1968 - 1970, I was running a folk club at Monk's Kirby near Coventry and singing with Roger Bray. I married Paul Saunders (also a guitarist) in 1970, and we went to Canada. I think I was probably your first "groupie"!!!! I am going to send a longer message via the other web site. Well, well, well!! What memories......

Ages Ago 338
April 20 2007 Contributor: Auke Scipio

Hi there,
I forgot all about Magna Carta until I discovered you in the new program of my local theatre. Old memories came back.
I got to know Magna Carta through an English penpal who was a big fan of yours. I have been writing to her since I was 13 years old (I am 43 now) and still have contact with her. Anyway, she introduced me to your songs and about 25 years ago I had the opportunity to go to your concert at the local gym building in the place I lived in the north of Holland.
I remember that there were not a lot of people there but I had a great time !
Now you are performing in Zaandam where I live now and I am definitely going to see you there !
Looking forward to it !

Eva's Goldfish 334
April 4 2007 Contributor: aster

Hoi, I have heard through Lenie that one you guys have listend to our demo cd and was so kind to give us feedback about our music! We sure like to know what kind of tips and suggestions you have for us! So please email me so we can get in touch and learn from you!

thanks a lot,
Aster Stevens - Eva's Goldfish, Holland

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