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Eva's Goldfish 334
April 4 2007 Contributor: aster

Hoi, I have heard through Lenie that one you guys have listend to our demo cd and was so kind to give us feedback about our music! We sure like to know what kind of tips and suggestions you have for us! So please email me so we can get in touch and learn from you!

thanks a lot,
Aster Stevens - Eva's Goldfish, Holland

Memories 333
March 31 2007 Contributor: Pete Kitchen

Hi guys (Chris Simpson still there?). My brother, Syd, and I played the same evening as you guys at the Natal Folk Club in Durban in 1975. You were touring with Rod McCuen at the time and played the Durban City Hall (lousy acoustics but great music). I've been living in the UK for 5 years now and only recently got back into playing the local folk clubs around Norfolk. How you doing?

Chris Simpson writes:

Hi, Peter,
I am not likely to forget those good times. I would still like to tour South Africa again. I assumed you were still there, and now I find you In Norfolk. The world was an insecure place then when we first met you in Durban and now it is positively precarious. Some things never change except perhaps for that part of mankind that has needed music as balm to their soul since the dawn of time. Therein lies the true reward for what we do. At whatever level it is the sharing of a gift and it is good to know that you are still playing. Hope to catch up with you at some point, and I have to say in passing ,why is it that the memories seem to glow brighter the further back you go?
The answer lies somewhere in the wind.
Every good wish,
Chris Simpson.

Accidental Fan 326
March 25 2007 Contributor: Ashleigh

About 10 years ago my mom and her boyfriend rented a beautiful big house in South Africa and it came fully furnished. I promptly moved in to reduce my own rent!!! Where is this going, you ask? Well the owners of the house left behind their record collection and, bored one afternoon, I thumbed through the usual finds like the Beatles and the Stones and I then had the pleasure of coming across my first taste of Magna Carta in the form of a vinyl copy of Lord of the Ages. I had never heard of them before and gave the record a spin. Well, you can imagine my surprise .... classic and brilliant! I hope they do more gigs in the UK preferably in the South........

Prisoners On The Line 311
March 10 2007 Contributor: chris stacey

Thank you Chris S for your response. It sure goes to show that what the artist perceives as grandeur may not necessarily be the same, and visa versa.

May POTL warm your cockles at some stage. I have learnt that artists most often create the best music under duress so what your expereiences percieve as bad may in reality be totally the opposite. POTL is an important metaphysical dimension shift, you cannot defend


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