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Memories 274
February 10 2007 Contributor: Ray Noble

First saw Magna Carta at the Hanging Lamp folk club in Richmond, Surrey sometime in the early 70's when I was an young teen and was blown away. They played their new album 'Seasons' live and started for me a life- long love of music in all forms, and love of listening to and playing the acoustic guitar. Look forward to listening to some of the later albums now. Thanks Chris. How come I've not heard them played on the Mike Harding Show, on Radio 2?. Chris deserves a life-time achieveent award. Does Ewan Macoll's legacy still linger on?


Linda Simpson writes:

Dear Ray,
I agree that Chris deserves an award - he has never given up and is still writing wonderful songs.
He is a Yorkshireman thro' and thro' and I have a feeling that his refusal to give up the dales, for a London base, has cost him dear in the fame and awards department.
Having said that; we reap the benefit because the dales have inspired him more than London ever could have.

When I Was Young 273
February 7 2007 Contributor: Giuseppe Rubini

When I was young (I was seventeen in the early seventies) I already listened to Magna Carta. In that time I heard Songs From Wasties Orchard and In Concert and I liked them very much: the sound of magna Carta was a big flash in my mind. Then, last year I was finally there at one of your concerts in Italy, in Vo di Brendola (Vicenza). It made much impression to me and I enjoied being grown up with your music.
Thank you.

Linda Simpson writes:

I'm glad you enjoyed the concert. We always enjoy our times in Italy and we're hoping to be back again soon.
If you put your name on the mailing list we send out a mail about 4 times a year, mostly when new dates are put onto the site. You don't have to worry about getting too much mail from us!
Love Linda

Rediscovered 272
February 5 2007 Contributor: mikesey

I was rummaging thru' my older pre-recorded audio cassettes yesterday, and came across the great music of the "Lord of the ages".
I sat and listened; frankly I was enthralled to hear this again, and have played it three times more since!
The titled track gives hope for all in these troubled times, and "Falkland Grene" is fantastic, not to mention all the other tracks, some of which are somewhat sad, but curiously uplifting.
I hope to see the "LOTA" album released again as a CD., but now I'm going to re-acquaint myself with the rest of Magna Carta's works

Mike, Glastonbury, Somerset.

Linda Simpson writes:

Dear Mike,
Lord of the Ages has been out already - but it is going to be re-released this year. Watch this site for further details.

Happy New Year 271
January 12 2007 Contributor: Gemstone, Netherlands

Dear Chris & Linda, happy new year, wishing you all the best for 2007 with lots of love, music and health for you and your loved ones!

Greetings from Gemstone

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