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P8 Experience 348
May 17 2007 Contributor: Dorothea

Hi Chris, Linda & Matthijs,

Strange place, great music and Paul Stewart was absolutely cute! Despite the lousy sound in the back at the bar (acording to Bart), up front it was wonderful. Chris' singing seemed stronger than the last time I've seen. Matt's playing is getting more virtuoso every perfomance and Linda, well.... steady as a rock as ever and trying to keep the boys in line.
Thanks for another a lovely evening. Looking forward to see you again soon.

Love, Dorothea

Austerlitz 347
May 16 2007 Contributor: Harry

Last night's concert in Austerlitz was superb!
You surprised me with starting off with Who Knows Where The Times Goes. Beautiful! And the Alison Krauss song Ghost In The House was an excellent choice too. Thank you once again for playing Paradise Row again (please don't ever leave it out, it's a magnificent piece of work!).

I had a great time last night (as I did on Saturday in Terborg) and I'm pretty sure we'll be seeing eachother in the fall! Have a great rest of the tour and don't eat too much Swiss cheese (the Dutch cheese tastes better anyway!).

Luv & hugs,

Harry (NO, not the friendly soundman)

Dial 112 346
May 13 2007 Contributor: Jet

Dear Chris, Linda and Matt,

Thank you so much for this stunning performance, what an energy, really overwhelming !!
Who Knows Where The Times Goes is getting more beautiful... Chris' solo at Ordinary Man is really from another planet. And thanks for putting in Paradise Row again.

Matt, please do not forget: call me !! Dial 112.............

Love Jet

Thx... 345
May 12 2007 Contributor: Fred

Last evening I was present at your performance at Theater 't Pand in Gorinchem (Holland). Not knowing what I could expect, I was blown away by the incredible sound and purity of your songs. (And of the humor in between the songs). I really enjoyed myself this evening and I can say that from this day on I am a fan...

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