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Haarlem, The Candle Theater 353
May 20 2007 Contributor: Peter

"a couple of songs that felt particularly 'special', almost fragile to a point where we were afraid we would play something wrong and spoil it. That kind of thing doesn't happen too often and it's always a great feeling. I always wonder if the audience is aware that it is happening." L.S.

Last Friday night in the Candle Theater was the best gig I've ever seen you do and I guess this was what Linda referred to in the above quote. See you on October 6th in IJmuiden! P.H.

Linda Simpson writes:

Dear PH - we look forward to it.

Austerlitz 352
May 19 2007 Contributor: Marissa

Hi:) I just wanted to say I loved your concert at Austerlitz (15 may)and I have to admit I don't know you very well (heard from you by my father) but I did listen to your music, though you played a lot I didn't knew. I'm listening to your CD 'Backroads' right now, and I love it. So thanks for your lyrics and music, and ofcourse signing it;)greets

Schiedam, a Night to Remember! 351
May 18 2007 Contributor: Danny and Lenie

Chrissie, Linda and Matt

What an evening it was in Schiedam. The music was really beautiful,'t Proveniershuys a wonderful warm place to be and Nico and Trudie deserve our compliments for everything they did. We know were we talk about.
While selling cd's and books we had long conversations with -very enthusiastic- people, telling us how surprised they were to hear Magna Carta on Radio Rijnmond. "They are still alive" they said, "we didn't know. Why are they not on radio and TV more often". Now THAT is a good question and I'm glad to know Hans van Vliet is playing your music on Rijnmond.
And then your oldest fan last night, JoJo. She had never heard of Magna Carta before, but after the show she was your biggest fan of all. Holding the cd she bought to her heart and walked around with it. Her age.....80 years young, she said. Now wasn't she lovely.
Thank you again for a wonderful evening and just keep on going and writing new songs and ...etc.
We're already looking forward to the autumn tour.
All our love and see you soon.

Danny and Lenie

Schiedam concert long to remember 350
May 18 2007 Contributor: Cornelis and Yvon

Hallo Chris and Linda,

It must be more as 35 years ago i bought my first album of Magna Carta. It was the time you played in the famous "Toverbal" at Maassluis. I was to young to enter the place,or better said i was not allowed to go there because of its reputation here in the area.
I kept on playing the record over the years but never visited a concert. Than i heard the intervieuw with Chris on Radio RIjnmond, heard new songs and it started all over again. Its still the unique sound, its still the famous acoustics, still the sounds of marvalous voices. So i booked The Schiedam concert and went there with my girlfriend Yvon who had never heard of Magna Carta. Well we had the night of our life. What a songwriters you both are, music straight into the heart, about real life.
What a story teller is Chris,what fantastic guitar players and singers you both are. This nearly private concert was one i never had in many years, it was great to do this one for your friend in Schiedam, and to allow us all in for this party.
Magna Carta its now in both our brains sealed again.....we will not gonna miss any concert in the area anymore
Maassluis, may be you remember the Toverbal, we were alle so very young at that time, december you will play in Maassluis-Schuurkerk theatre, so different from Toverbal, but hope for you great to be back in Maassluis.
One thing more, you are friends to your public, i mean personal friends, the way you adress the audience, its so personall, are you joining us for a dinner in Maassluis.
Loved the song about your little village and about your dad most....or can i better say all Chris and Linda writes belong to the best. Becsause of the very early rise for work on fridat we could not stay after the concert.
Hope we can do so in Maassluis.....
Regards also to the young boy in the band, hope we can see him for many more years playing with you because he is also great.

See you in Maassluis


Yvon and Cornelis

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