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I'm a Fan 357
May 26 2007 Contributor: Janine

Have been a fan since the 70's. Am now a 50 year old and Lord of the Ages is still one of my favourites. Had the priviledge of seeing you in South Africa years ago. Chris' vocals on the title track still amaze me - would not have believed it had I not seen it with my own eyes.

Linda Simpson writes:

Hi There,
Would you believe we are right now working on a trip to South Africa in September - keep an eye on the site.

Prisoners on the Line 355
May 23 2007 Contributor: Andy Roberts

Having been a fan since 1970 and seeing you play at the Freetrade Hall in Manchester,and other places such as SIDS in Stalybridge where I provided all the Album covers to promote that concert.I am trying to obtain the following album Prisoners on the line, Any help would be great. Andy.

The Webmaster writes:

Hello, Andy

'Prisoners on the Line' is due to be issued on CD for the first time later this year on the Repertoire label. If you cannot wait until then, vinyl copies do come up on Ebay, and it will probably be worth while registering your interest there.


Spotlight on Magna Carta 354
May 21 2007 Contributor: sue

How can I get these albums on cd? I have a very old worn tape of spotlight on magna carta which I have had for over 26 years and has limited life left! Please point me in the right direction!

The Webmaster writes:

Hello, Sue

'Spotlight on Magna Carta' has not been released on CD, but almost all the tracks and many more may be found on 'Ages and Seasons', a 2-CD album which has all the songs from four of the early vinyls at a very low price. See for further details. You will find a link to the appropriate Amazon page.


Haarlem, The Candle Theater 353
May 20 2007 Contributor: Peter

"a couple of songs that felt particularly 'special', almost fragile to a point where we were afraid we would play something wrong and spoil it. That kind of thing doesn't happen too often and it's always a great feeling. I always wonder if the audience is aware that it is happening." L.S.

Last Friday night in the Candle Theater was the best gig I've ever seen you do and I guess this was what Linda referred to in the above quote. See you on October 6th in IJmuiden! P.H.

Linda Simpson writes:

Dear PH - we look forward to it.

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