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Guest Book

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Thank you for visiting. Please feel free to sign the guestbook.

Howdy! 361
June 12 2007 Contributor: The Pooh

Chris and Linda, I'm happy to find on your calendar that you're in Canada in July. How about touring in another part of North America...Colorado! The web site looks fantastic, too.

Linda Simpson writes:

Dear Pooh,
Great to hear from you. If there's any way of getting to Colorado you'll be the first to know.

Canterbury Folk Festival in Canada Next Month 360
June 11 2007 Contributor: Michael

I have been a fan for a LOT of years. I played Lord of the Ages for my girlfriend yesterday, and we are both looking forward to seeing you at the Canterbury Folk Festival. I might even act like a teenager and bring a couple of LPs to be signed ... that is if you do that sort of thing. Cheers, Michael.

Linda Simpson writes:

Dear Michael,
We are always happy to meet people that have enjoyed the music and I hope you will introduce yourself at the festival.

Glad! 359
June 6 2007 Contributor: Eric John Sawyer

Thanks for the letter and love what you have done with this site, it is aesthetically beautiful and very well constructed.


Linda Simpson writes:

Praise indeed - and all down to our wonderful webmaster!
A big thank you to John!

Memories 358
May 31 2007 Contributor: piet kok


I don't know if this message goes straight to Chris but I would like to contact him. Around 1980 I did some support acts for Magna Carta in Holland under the name Pete Cox. The last one was in Deinum in 1982. I have never seen him again after that and I think it's time to make contact again. I still have some photographs of Magna Carta that my brother took I think in 1977 in Leeuwarden.
Greetings from Piet Kok.

Linda Simpson writes:

We do indeed read all the guest book entries and often reply to them personally. I hope by now you have received a reply from Chris - if not, I'm sure you will hear from him soon.

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