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Thank you for the Music 365
June 24 2007 Contributor: Martin Hoogenboom

The topic says it all.

I love the Magna Carta music since my first visit to a concert somewhere early in the seventies (Leiden, City Hall). In those days I went to concerts to listen and look. Nowadays I visit Magna Carta concerts to listen and meet.

Magna Carta, music and musicians, give me a warm and cosy feeling. A dream and resting point in a world of numbers, money, and Big Brother.

Nettlebed 364
June 21 2007 Contributor: Alan Elgey

Thanks for a brilliant evening the other day. That was my second concert this year and a beautiful setting on this occasion.

Just one thing - was Barners really speaking his Dunglish with a Wharfedale accent at one point? Good on the lad.

Linda Simpson writes:

Matt has a really strong Yorkshire accent (our fault I fear) but we think it sounds great!!

Nettlebed Concert 18/06/07 363
June 19 2007 Contributor: James Morello

Dear Chris and Linda,

Our mutual friend Les Hogg, suggested we went with him to see you last night, and we were certainly not disappointed! What a great night! You guys and Matt are superb !!!!. Hope to catch you guys soon. Please keep me informed about gigs etc. Take Care


Linda Simpson writes:

Dear James,
It's always good to know that we made someone smile.
Much Love

Memories from Oman 362
June 19 2007 Contributor: Paul Burnett

Great to see you both last night at Nettlebed. Brought back lots of memories of similar gigs in Oman 10+ years ago - Royal Flight Club, Sultan's School etc. Brilliant that you remembered 'Rolling in my Sweet Baby's Arms' Chris. We are UK based since 2000, currently living and working in Abingdon (Tel: 01235 535600). Hope to catch up with you again soon.

Take care .... Paul & Sandie

Linda Simpson writes:

It was great to see you again too - hope it's not too long before the next one.
Love Linda

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