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Hi 382
July 27 2007 Contributor: Zulmira Leal

I love your music!!! Thanks
Greetings from Portugal.
Kisses Zu.

Linda Simpson writes:

Thank you for your kind words - we love playing - so now we're all happy. That's just great.
Thanks for getting in touch - it means a lot.

Only just discovered you 381
July 25 2007 Contributor: Dominic Ward

Hi! I've only just dicovered Magna Carta having had our music compared to yours on Woven Wheat Whispers. Having heard some of your clips I must say that it is a privilege to be compared with such excellent music and such excellent musicians. I will be looking out for your music from now on and would be delighted if you are able to listen to some of ours and see if you agree with Woven Wheat Whispers assessment. Don't worry, I'm not trying to push our music as we do all ours for free with a view to promoting a charitable response. It's great to be compared with yourselves. Dominic Ward (Maeran Folk Music)

Linda Simpson writes:

Dear Dominic,
I have sent a private mail but it was very nice of you to get in touch. I hope other people will check out your site too.

Its been too long old friend !!!! 380
July 20 2007 Contributor: Slacker (Of Errington guitars)

Bomber it's slacker here, I just thought I'd take a look around your web site and I couldn't resist saying hello after all this time. I'd love to see you again, maybe when your next at Nigel's for some repairs ! Good luck in Africa, you and Linda still sound fantastic, all the very best (I still miss Errington guitars every day, especially when you put cardboard in wangers sandwich!!) xxxxx

prisoners 379
July 20 2007 Contributor: Phil Hampton

Great news that 'prisoners on the line' is finally being released. I have been waiting for this for years and following the release of 'took a long time' a couple of years ago, this has been long over due.

I would like to say thanks to Chris who personally replied to a letter I sent, which was a really nice surprise. (Happy Birthday by the way). I have been a fan for hundreds of years, or so it seems and continue to play your music to whoever will listen. I look forward to hearing the new album.

Thanks for all of the great music

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