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Thankyou for playing in the rain in Ingersoll 386
August 4 2007 Contributor: Rachel

Hello, it was lovely to see you at the Canterbury Folk Festival in Ingersoll, thankyou for playing in the rain and for signing my CDs! I was a bit disappointed when you teased us by mentioning the Airport Song and then not playing it, maybe next time! And your version of the Gordon Lightfoot number was great, not as depressing as usual. One of the things I love about your music is they way you convey such powerful emotion without being too depressing! I struggled with depression for many years, and your music was always a comfort. I mention this partly to encourage Matt in his work with music therapy for mental illness, it is really beneficial! Thanks again,
your friend,

Linda Simpson writes:

Dear Rachel,
We are very aware that people find solace in music, we take it very seriously and we are very happy when someone finds comfort in our music.
We love what we do and this is another reason to carry on doing it.
Thank you for getting in touch.

A thank you! 385
August 2 2007 Contributor: Trevor Harvey

First discovered you just after the release of Lord Of The Ages which fairly blew my socks off and I've enjoyed listening to you ever since! Even today, that and Seasons are two of my favourite albums, never been surpassed by anyone in any field of music. Just felt that after all these years, I'd let you know just how much I appreciate your music....
Trevor Harvey

Linda Simpson writes:

That's all very well - but did you find your socks?


All you do 384
July 28 2007 Contributor: Chuck Keathley

Chris & Linda. Jane, I and the boys send our love and best wishes to you. We do hope to see you two real soon and though there have been recent changes - we understand and offer our prayers and continued support to your success. Missing you - your friends. The Keathley Family.

Linda Simpson writes:

Thank you for your kind words. Very much appreciated right now.

Long time no see 383
July 27 2007 Contributor: Rob Adam

Hello Chriss and Linda, Its a long time ago that i've seen you since I left the Netherlands, I hope to see you again at a concert in the UK where I live now.

Linda Simpson writes:

Private reply sent

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