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book of songs 395
September 1 2007 Contributor: damir petrov

how can i buy this songbook of the band?

Linda Simpson writes:

Dear Damir,
I'm sure Chris will have answered you personally but if not please do e-mail me at

Ardent fan 394
August 29 2007 Contributor: Annie Muir

I have loved your music since hearing Seasons in the early 1970's. We live in South Africa and not a lot of our friends know your music, so we delight in teaching them! My husband, Gavin, is also now a huge fan of yours, and in fact last night we enjoyed Seasons, Lord of the Ages and your music DVD over a glass or two of red wine! Perfect.

Linda Simpson writes:

Dear Annie,
Thank you for spreading the word.
Now that we are back from South Africa we spend time, with a glass or two of red wine, looking at all the photos and talking about all the wonderful things we saw so now the memories fly back and forth.

The Cavern Event 393
August 23 2007 Contributor: H@rry

On behalf of myself and my friend Ton, who came to Liverpool with me, I would like to praise and compliment Linda on the fantastic event she organised for Chris on Sunday in and around Liverpool! It was wonderful to be present and I wholeheartedly thank you for the invitation to attend the busride through Beatlescity. As a matter of fact, since we were in Liverpool for four days, we decided to 'do' the Magical Mystery Tour on Saturday. But to be honest, the Cavern-led tour was much more fun, although we saw lots more on Saturday.
The concert was great too; the sound in The Cavern wasn't up to the usual (theatre) standards, but hey... it was in The Cavern in some sort of cave, three stairs below the ground. So what could you expect of the sound.
It was wonderful to see how Chris experienced all this. He must have had the time of his life and shed a few tears (I know that for sure, because I've seen him doing that).
The unveiling of not just another brick on the wall but THIS brick on the wall was great too! The massive applause inside and outside The Cavern was well-earned!
After these events and the Hebden-residents and other invitees who stayed there left for Hebden, we followed Chris into the Cavern Pub, where we had some nice chats with the BBC Merseyside man and Nelson Silva and his daughter. It was very nice to finally meet Nelson after all these years.
It was also fun to talk to Chris, who still couldn't comprehend what happened that day (and who was very curious about what was going to happen later that night in Hebden; I'm glad I didn't have to lie about this, because I really didn't know).
Since Ton (=Rolling Stones fan) and I were in Liverpool for 4 days, we spent quite a long time walking around the city(center) and went inside some museums. Especially the Tate Gallery (at Albert's Dock) was great to visit, with a beautiful exhibition of Peter Blake's work. Blake is famous for making the original Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band albumcover. Besides this, there were really fantastic old photographs of Liverpool during the last century (and no: not just the photos of bands and their fans at The Cavern, but especially those of 'normal people' and situations from before, during and after the war.

We had the time of our life in Liverpool, although we had a lot of trouble understanding the Scoucers..., especially those working in restaurants and bars.

From both of us: Linda thank you very much for doing this. It was magnificent! See you again on tour in October!

H@rry & Ton

Linda Simpson writes:

Dear Harry,
I was an absolute pleasure and I'm so glad you enjoyed it.
I've yet to do the Beatles City tour but Chris, Mstt and I want to go and see the brick in situ at some point so I'll probably do it then.

The Cavern Surprise 392
August 21 2007 Contributor: Colin and Ann

What a great day it was - sheer magic!
Everything seems to have run so smoothly, which must be down to your brilliant organising Linda.
We're so pleased for you, and also for Chris to have had the recognition he thoroughly deserves.
It was a great gig too - which just goes to prove there's still Life in the Old Dog.
Such fun! Love and thanks to you both...and don't forget that you are on that brick too.

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