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Abu Dhabi Intercontinental"Downstairs" 1446
April 12 2015 Contributor: Ken Campbell (AKA Leroy Brown)

Hi Chris
Don't know if you remember me but I was a regular at Downstairs in the 80s. Still play your music often. Happy memories.

Hi 1445
April 9 2015 Contributor: Linda Larocque

hope all is well , getting over a bad cold, come visit ,I will make you a waffle. Take care love to hear your music at the park again

Your Holls 1444
March 5 2015 Contributor: Paul Butterworth

Have a gr8 time. You will need some flippers and mask the fish and stuff is out of this world. Pauly B

enjoy the brek 1443
March 5 2015 Contributor: Dave Edwards

Go Chris go...enjoy your sojourn but return refreshed for the launch of a wonderful next M C era

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