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concert at the Culwicks 407
October 1 2007 Contributor: Sally

Hi Linda, Chris and Matt
Thanks for the wonderful music at the Culwicks in Joburg. A very special evening with special people. Matt - I hope you have recovered from all the tossed undies! I am going to finally update my vinyl collection with a few of your CDs as it makes your music so much more accessible. Linda thanks for giving Katie the ring. She was tickled pink to get something from a "real pop star"! God bless you all.

Linda Simpson writes:

Dear Sally,
We were only too happy to do the garden concert for the family that gave us so much. Glad you enjoyed it and I'm very pleased that the ring brought a smile with it.

Come to Germany 406
September 26 2007 Contributor: Müller Detlef

hello i write from germany berlin...i am so happy that i can hear your music i am listen you at the beginning in the 70ties..your music have so much magic for me but i have a question come you to germany for a concert?! play very much in holland..ok than i come to holland! in germany are very much people they like your music very much!!!
ok thanks for all the hours with your music in my life..(on records!)i hear you every week ...
thanks a lot
godd bless you buddha help us
sorry about my crazy english

Linda Simpson writes:

Dear Muller,
Thank you for your kind words. We have some CDs out with a German record company now and we're trying to organise a tour there for next year - keep your fingers crossed.

White Mountain Photo's 405
September 25 2007 Contributor: Amanda Harvey

Thank you for the fantastic music on Saturday night, 23rd September 2007. I loved the English sense of humour which I miss. Linda I hope you found your camera. We have photo's of the festival on our web site, the address you have on the slip I gave you. My favourite song was 'Paradise Row' - sorry about the noise in the audience.

Linda Simpson writes:

Dear Amanda,
The White mountain festival was just great - festival audiences are allowed to make noise as long as they are enjoying themselves.
I did find the camera thank you and Matt is going to show me the pictures on your site - I haven't had time to do much yet but today (Sunday) is for catching up......

Many Thanks 404
September 25 2007 Contributor: Alan

Thanks to you all for very great music. Mat thanks for the company and hope you guys stay together for ages. It really was a pleasure meeting all of you and I want to wish you all the very best. God Bless you

Matt Barnhoorn writes:

Dear Alan,
Good to hear from you! Doing the White Mountain Folk Festival was great! Can't wait to see you all again, next year.
Take care and best wishes, Matt

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