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Many Thanks 404
September 25 2007 Contributor: Alan

Thanks to you all for very great music. Mat thanks for the company and hope you guys stay together for ages. It really was a pleasure meeting all of you and I want to wish you all the very best. God Bless you

Matt Barnhoorn writes:

Dear Alan,
Good to hear from you! Doing the White Mountain Folk Festival was great! Can't wait to see you all again, next year.
Take care and best wishes, Matt

Concert in Grahamstown - SA 403
September 24 2007 Contributor: Louise

Dear All

Thank you so much for coming to Grahamstown when you were in South Africa. What a treat! We are usually left out when it comes to such things, but, I feel I also need to apolagise for the fact that there were so few people at your concert - the advertising was non-existant - and for the rudeness of those who continued to talk throughout your performance. I was really embarrassed. Those of us who were there and listening really enjoyed your performance and being in touch with the spirit of who you all are. It was so nice to experience the realness of your music.
I was so sad when I got home though, because I realised that I wouldn't be able to experience that again because you were gone again so quickly. How do I get a copy of the latest CD you were selling at the door? I bought the 'In Concert' CD but now want to hear you as you are now and as you were that night in GTN. Please let me know if I can order one and how I do that.


Linda Simpson writes:

Dear Louise,
Don't worry about the other people - we play for those who listen.
THis was just a tour to test the water - we have had a great response and will be back next year (I can hardly wait). Keep your eye on the site for more details.
Chris usually responds to everyone personally so if he hasn't told you how to get that CD please let me know on and I'll get back to you.

White Mountain 402
September 24 2007 Contributor: Ian Schoeman

Thanks for coming to South Africa. I also saw you the first time in Johannesburg. Pedro had my CD cover signed by you and you wrote his name on the CD - not mine. But that's OK. I am really looking forward to seeing you again.

Linda Simpson writes:

Dear Ian,
Which CD was it? Maybe we can sign and send you a new cover if we can find a spare.
I hope it didn't spoil the album for you.

Thank you ! 401
September 23 2007 Contributor: Susanne Thomas

Thank you for a great concert yesterday at White Mountain. When we still lived in Europe (until 1996)we kept on missing you so we were thrilled to find out you come to visit our homeland of choice, South Africa. Linda, you were trying to take photos for your website and yes, I've got some very nice ones, get in contact with me and I'll send them through.
Thanks again!

Linda Simpson writes:

Dear Susanne,
So glad you didn't give up when you couldn't see us in Europe - we enjoyed coming to see you in South Africa.
My e-mail on the site is
We loved the festival and it would be nice to the shots you took.

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