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Cape Town show 399
September 14 2007 Contributor: Ulrich

Almost wet my pants when I heard you were coming to S.A. & then was ready to fly to White Mountain folk festival to see you folks. Even more joy when I visited the website & saw you were also going to be in Cape Town. Have tickets & can't wait for tomorrow!!!! Saw you back in the seventies ( at 3 Arts theatre (twice) and UCT concert. Big fan ever since. WELCOME BACK TO C.T. ( & I hope you'll be back many more times)

September 10 2007 Contributor: Werner

Thx for the awsome show at the blues Room in JHB!!!
the show was worth the blue eye.... he he he
send me a reply email so that I can send you guys some of my photos that I took


Linda Simpson writes:

Dear Werner,
thanks for the comments - blue eyes was a new one on me - but I've had it explained now.
We all have an e-mail address on the site - mine's - I'd love to see the pics.

Missed you in East London 397
September 3 2007 Contributor: Pam & Bill Heaton

We couldn't believe our eyes when we saw in Saturday morning's paper that you were to perform that night in East London, but were so, so dissapointed when we found out the show was already fully booked. Due to restaurant staff mis-communication we were led to believe there was another show on Sunday night and we duly turned up with our LP's - Seasons, Lord of the Ages and Songs From Wasties Orchard for you to sign! We first saw you at a folk club - think it must have been in Bolton - in the early 70's and then again in a larger venue. Do hope we get to hear sooner if you are ever this way again. Enjoy the rest of your time in South Africa and thank you so much for all the pleasure your music has given us over the years.

Linda Simpson writes:

Dear Pam and BIll,
We're so sorry that you were disappointed but we will be back in SA next year and I hope we will have the chance to meet you then.

Your concert, East London 396
September 2 2007 Contributor: Beverley

I have been a fan of yours since my teenage years and Lord of the Ages in the 70s. What an amazing surpise it was to hear you guys were in, of all the places in this world, tiny little East London, South Africa! And at Smokey Swallows - great restaurant but oh how I wish it was bigger, so that more people could've heard you. It was wonderful to meet you guys and to hear you live, to enjoy your humour and the intimacy of the venue with you. Deserted Highways of the Heart is a great album. Well done. You're all awesome. Thank you for coming here. Love you!!!

Linda Simpson writes:

Dear Beverley,
Glad you enjoyed the show and that you like the album. South Africa was a wonderful experience for us and we loved our time in East London (so much so that I was checking out house prices when we got home!.
No one is going to stop us from getting back there so I hope we will see you again.

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