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Seperation? 412
October 11 2007 Contributor: Richard Tree

I am So sorry to just find out that you two are splitting up . I am stunned! It seems most others knew -ah well thats darkest Norfolk I suppose! I last saw you in Ely and you both seemed so ----attuned? Much love to you both xx

Linda Simpson writes:

Please don't worry - we're still friends and Magna Carta is not splitting up until the 40th anniversary - 10th May 2009.

It has to end sometime and so we're going out with a bang!

Live date at Port Elizabeth 411
October 10 2007 Contributor: Hendrik & Henriette

Hi Linda, Chris and Matt
Thanks for the great show. The night has not only stirred beautiful memories from long ago, but reminded us that the band is alive and well and despite the unavailability of most of your material in SA you are making strides in the world arena. Special reminder to Linda about a Christmas unedited DVD. Please lets have more DVD recordings as live shows are here very rare. God bless.

Nijverdal, Oct. 5th 410
October 8 2007 Contributor: Gerard Dales

Hello Linda and Chris,

Thank you for a wonderful evening and a very nice article in your Concert Diary. I shall never forget this evening for as long as I live, because I felt a kind of warmth during it. And Linda's article breathes the same sphere.
There are artists who find themselves very important and behave like that. But both of you (and Matt also) were very open to us. I was very surprised of that. You have been working with big names all over the world. Then you come in a small theatre in Nijverdal and try to do your utmost to performe as good as you can. And after the performance you have a word and a smile for everyone.That creates a good spirit and then is good working.
Again thank you for a wonderful evening. I hope we will keep in touch.Hope to meet you again.

Excellent Music 409
October 7 2007 Contributor: Catherine Wilson

I am only 24, but I grew up with your music because my dad loved you guys way back in the 60's and 70's. Growing up in South Africa, I listened to your music all throughout my childhood, and now that I have moved to the United States, nobody knows Magna Carta! Please come to the Midwest so I can see you in concert! I still have my 2 cds, Old Masters and New Horizons, and the beautiful Songs from Wasties Orchard. I love it all and listen to it almost everyday. Thank you for making such a huge impact in my life! With love forever, Catherine Wilson

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