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Noordpolderzijl. 419
October 28 2007 Contributor: Clara

Hi Chris, Linda and Matt.
Like I said in december last year (see you next time), I came to Noordpolderzijl again to see you and it was lovely. Matt: when I see you play, you make me want to play the violin too.
Now tell me about the parrot please.
Hope to see you again, love, Clara.

Matt Barnhoorn writes:

Dear Clara.
The parrot will be on its way soon.
Good to hear that you enjoyed the playing.

35 jaar fan 418
October 28 2007 Contributor: Peter de Wit

was het begin van de jaren 70 dat ik Magna Carta live in het Vondelpark zag optreden en verrast werd door hun sublieme optreden. Zo was het afgelopen vrijdag ook in Etten-Leur. ronduit fantastisch. Helaas vernam ik dat Chris gaat stoppen en zijn afscheid in Amsterdam gaat "vieren". Wie weet waar en wanneer?

Linda Simpson writes:

Matt gave me this translation
It was in the beginning of the 1970's when I saw Magna Carta performing live in the Vondelpark (Amsterdam) and I was amazed by this superb performance. As was the performance last Friday in Etten-Leur. Unfortunately I heard that Chris is going to stop and will 'celebrate' is farewell in Amsterdam. Who knows where and when?
Answer .... There will be an announcement on this site soon and, if you are on the mailing list, you will receive more information when we have it - how's that?

Memories 417
October 26 2007 Contributor: Jeffrey Eaton

I have just re-discovered the great pleaseur of listing to Magna Carta. My wife and I first saw and heard the band play at the Theatre Royal in Norwich, around 1969/1970, when the band backed Labbi Sifre. I still have the original vinyls of the discs that went Gold and Silver and now try to collect and listen to the CD's. I am really disappointed that I missed the gig in Halesworth last year (my fault for not discovering the website sooner. We both wish the band continuing succes and hope for a further UK tour that we could get to, even though were both officailly pensioners!

Linda Simpson writes:

Don't worry about being a pensioner - so is Chris!
I don't know what we're doing in the UK this year - we'll have to see how it goes - but I hope you get to see us before it all ends!

Memories 416
October 22 2007 Contributor: Jeroen - Deep assam

As said in your wonderful, intimate show you sell memories. You sure sold us one!
It was an experience to never forget, and I think I can speak for the entire band when I say thanks again.
I can imagine it was rather confusing to have four people there who say they're going to play, when you haven't got a single clue.

Good luck to you all and a good journey on the rest of your tour!


Deep Assam

Linda Simpson writes:

Thank you for that - we wish you all the best too.

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