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Riding bicycles in Holland 424
November 3 2007 Contributor: Beanpole

Dear All,
It's probably all academic now, but be aware of
riding bicycles while'st under the infuence (as it were).
I rode into the back of a Police car in Vlissingen, way back in '96 and got a 20 Guilder 'on the spot' fine for riding while intoxicated. I had to push my bike home. And they followed me to make sure! The official title of the offence was - Riding Furiously !!!.

Linda Simpson writes:

Well thanks for the advice but sadly I was neither under the influence - nor furious - just daft as a brush!!
I will bear that in mind tho'

Twin Brother 423
November 1 2007 Contributor: Lucy Buzing

Hello Chris, Linda and Matt,

Chris, nice to see your twin brother in the audience.

Have a good time together.


Linda Simpson writes:

Aha - we've been rumbled!

Had a great time 422
October 31 2007 Contributor: Auke Scipio

Dear Chris, Linda and Matt,
I would like to thank the three of you for a great time in the Zaantheater in Zaandam.
It was nice talking to you.I bought Deserted Highways of the Heart and it is the only CD that occupies my CD player at the moment. Love it !
Hope to see you again some time.

Linda Simpson writes:

Only 18 months to go - but I hope we will see you too - glad you like the music.

Old Memories 421
October 30 2007 Contributor: Stephen Tee

I recently bought an old record deck and dragged out my collection. Terrific to hear Magna Carta again - I first saw you at the Red Lion Pub Club in Sutton High Street in 1972/3! I still think that "Wish it Was" from Lord of the Ages is a classic. Will make a point of seeing you again live 35 years on!

Chris Simpson writes:

Thank you so much for your mail.
That was a while ago but the impact of 'Lord of the Ages' never ceases to amaze me.
After 40 years on the road we are stopping in 2009 - but I doubt the music and the desire to make music, will ever die.
There will be a new album in 2008 with, all being well, will have some legendary names on it.
Really hope to see you somewhere down the line.

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