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Thanks for visiting the Lokale Omroep Ede! 427
November 5 2007 Contributor: Pieter Nijhof

Hello Chris, Linda and Matthijs!
I have enjoyed your visit on Saturday Nov. 3rd to our studio very much. It was great having the premiere of two songs, never played live before in a radio studio! Thank you all for your enthousiasm, your time and your wonderful performances. I'm sure that I speak on behalf of all the staff of our wonderful station. We were again very pleased to have you with us. Looking forward to visiting your concert in Velp on Nov. 28th. See you there!
Kind regards, Pieter.

Linda Simpson writes:

Dear Pieter,
It was an absolute pleasure - you are all such nice people it was even worth getting up early.

EDE (Lokale Omroep) 426
November 3 2007 Contributor: Teus

Dear Chris, Linda and Matthijs.

In our local newspaper in Ede this week I read that you all would be on the saturday afternoon show of our Local Radio Station.
So I turned on the radio at 13:oo hours and I very much enjoyed an hour of inspirational music. Especially when the harmonies of your voices came in. A few times I was really touched and tears came out.
I'm very happy that I took the time to start listening and
hat I kept listening 'till the end.

Thanks very much.
Deep warm sincere feelings are send by me.

Linda Simpson writes:

Dear Teus,
Thank you for your kind words - we are always happy when someone finds something positive in the things we do.

De Willem, Papendrecht 425
November 3 2007 Contributor: Hans Hulswit

I just happened to come upon your page dealing with your brief performance in Papendrecht of May this year.
I was there as one of the Willem's volunteers and remember your show was quite a success.
I'm glad to see you liked being with us that night. Hope to see you later this month!

Hans Hulswit
Thater DeWilem

Linda Simpson writes:

We're looking forward to it too - lets have some fun!

Riding bicycles in Holland 424
November 3 2007 Contributor: Beanpole

Dear All,
It's probably all academic now, but be aware of
riding bicycles while'st under the infuence (as it were).
I rode into the back of a Police car in Vlissingen, way back in '96 and got a 20 Guilder 'on the spot' fine for riding while intoxicated. I had to push my bike home. And they followed me to make sure! The official title of the offence was - Riding Furiously !!!.

Linda Simpson writes:

Well thanks for the advice but sadly I was neither under the influence - nor furious - just daft as a brush!!
I will bear that in mind tho'

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