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Happy Birthday Matthijs ! 431
November 12 2007 Contributor: Nico and Trudie


We wish you a very happy birthday with all you friends and family today and we are planning to see, and hear you all soon.....
Probably this month and otherwise, dec. 9th..

Love and Hugs,
Nico and Trudie

Limited Edition 430
November 7 2007 Contributor: Peter de Hilster

Sorry, forgot something. As i wrote to Matt, there is one song very special for me, "Only road home". I found the the cd "Limited Edition" had even two versions. Is there some way to get that CD or when not, have those 2 tracks on Mp3 or ...?

The Webmaster writes:

You may be interested to know that 'Deserted Highways of the Heart' released earlier this year also includes two versions.

See for more details.

Pitty 429
November 7 2007 Contributor: Peter de Hilster

Dear Chris, Linda, Matt, had a good time lately in Etten-Leur, nice to talk to you in person and thanks for signing the textbook i bought. Realy nice to hear from you later that week on the local radio in Ede (where i live)! I also had a little mailchat with Matt, wich i realy appreciated. So i mailed Radio 2, telling them that MagnaCarta deserved more attention. Well Hans Schiffers told the peaple about the farewell concert, and he played Airport song. I wrote them that "fiels of Eden" much more "recent" was, but they probably had only "airport song" pitty, pitty, but at least Magna Carta had some national attention. Why not give Hans Schiffers a mail, he might be interested in an interview. (we are ....)
Well hope to see you all soon, and i await the next concert callender for 2008!

Linda's accident 428
November 6 2007 Contributor: Tony Green

Poor Linda!! Only just read about what happened to you, hope you are recovering. I've always hated those bicycles with a back pedal brake - people here swear by them, I tend to swear at them!! See you in Zevenaar

Linda Simpson writes:

Thanks for the sympathy - I love it!

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