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Amen 436
November 19 2007 Contributor: Jacques Don

Dear Magna Carta,

What a wonderful concert you gave last Friday in this nice little place in Amen, Holland.
You made me a bit sad by announcing Magna Carta is going to stop next year. At long last Chris is going 'to ride through the gateways of time'. Fortunately it's going to happen in Carré, Amsterdam. Hope to get a ticket!
And what about this parrot's dialogue?

verjaardag 435
November 19 2007 Contributor: Petra & Martin Köhler P'end

DRUK druk druk.
Sorry Matthijs verjaardag vergeten!!!
Alsnog proficiat M+P

Again a superb 'home match' 434
November 18 2007 Contributor: Bart & Dorothea

Dear friends,
Zevenaar, a 'home match' for us. Friends on the stage and friends in the audience. That's what your music does: it brings people together and that's what we are going to miss when the final curtain will fall. Sure, the memories will stay, as does your music. But listening to a CD doesn't compare to the real thing. So see you again in Velp (we need somebody, Velp not just anybody .......)
And thanks very, very much for playing 'Two old friends'. It's one of our all time favorite Magna-songs.
Love, Bart & Dorothea

Happy birthday. 432
November 13 2007 Contributor: Ingrid Foppen

Hoi Matthijs.
One day too late but also from me,happy birthday.Did you had a nice day?

Groetjes Ingrid.

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