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Fields of Eden 1454
June 17 2015 Contributor: Robin Hannan

Been a fan for over 40 years. Arrived on my birthday the 15th. This album now is something else. It has the lot. Tells you so much about the man and where he comes from. Fabulous musicians too. Great job by Will Jackson. I hoped it would be good, but it\'s gone way beyond my expections. For me, best album since Wasties

Fields of Eden 1453
June 17 2015 Contributor: Algy Kazlauciunas

Hello Chris, Cath & the rest of the team. Received my copy of Fields of Eden on Sunday, together with the new deluxe version of The Stones 'Sticky Fingers'. Was not sure which to play first but FOE won out in the end - excellent selection of songs and of course 'Fields of Eden' is a majestic piece of work - a little rough around the edges when you first gave it the light of day but now a polished gem!!!

Fields of Eden 1452
June 17 2015 Contributor: Paul Butterworth

Hi Chris,Cath, Just got my Fields of Eden CD (WOW) Been playin it all morning. It's better than I hoped. Sometimes the best way forward is back, there's life in the old dog yet. Love; Pauly B XX.

Fields of Eden 1451
June 16 2015 Contributor: Alan Nicholson

Just got cd. Never stopped playing it.....fantastic. Love \" this time around\" .

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