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concert in Bierum 21 november 444
November 26 2007 Contributor: Lina Buitenwerf-Smit

Dear Cris and Linda. We like your musicconcert 21 november in Bierum (Groningen)with coffee on the tables!! We have make nice pictures of you. My father died 23 september this year and we miss him very much.
We have a nice time after the concert with you (snert eten!!)
We wish you all the best the next time.
Willem and Lina Buitenwerf (Lina makes the coffee)

Linda's dad 443
November 25 2007 Contributor: TonyGreen

Dear Linda,
just read of your loss and wanted to pass on my deepest sympathy. Wishing you strength and love at this difficult time,

Carre 2009 442
November 25 2007 Contributor: Danny en Lenie Dreef

Please Linda can you add our e-mail address to the list for Carre in 2009. We forgot to sign the formular in Papendrecht.
Love Lenie

Concert Papendrecht 441
November 25 2007 Contributor: Jolande

Dear Linda,
I would like to thank you so much for sharing your experience with your father with us.
I would also like to pay my condolances with the death of your father. I think it is so brave since it was such a short time ago that your father died.
I was so consoled by the fact, that you said that surely life does not end with the death of a person. I have lost my father also and also a very dear friend to death and I was very touched yesterday.
I wanted to stand up and let you know, how much I was touched, but ofcourse I did not dare with all those people. That's why I would like to know you in this way.
Thank you for sharing and I hope to see you again.
Big hug from Jolande

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