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Thanks 451
December 9 2007 Contributor: Tom van den Berg

An evening to remember (memories) in Purmerend. Thank you!

Great Evening 450
December 7 2007 Contributor: bianca

Dear Chris,Linda and Matt

Yesterday night we were at your concert in Vlaardingen. We had a very great night. It was a present from my moms birthday. We sure will be there at the last concert in carré.

And now a little Dutch for matt so he can translate it for you....Matt je was in 1 woord geweldig,ik sprak je als laatst voordat ik naar huis ging aan over hyves,kon je helaas nog niet vinden,als je tijd hebt mail het me dan effe...
So now you can teach dutch gehehehe...

Lot's of love...!!, Yvonne,Saskia and Bianca

Linda Simpson writes:

It was so lovely to see you all again.
i hope to see you next year again.
May 2008 bring you all you would wish for yourselves.

concert december first 449
December 3 2007 Contributor: Ineke Tuller

Dear Linda, Chris and Matt

Thank you once again for jet another beautifull evening.
The pleasure you all have on stage sparkels on to us the audians.

I'm sorry to hear that you will stop in 2009 but then again All good things must come to an end. I hope to see another concert befor the end of Magna Carta. For sure we'll come to Carré in Amsterdam.

Sincerly yours

Linda Simpson writes:

We'll be there to see you too - we're so looking forward to it.

dear Linda and dear Chris 448
December 3 2007 Contributor: ine westerik-kamphuis

we have had a wonderfull evening in Oldenzaal, thank you.
We hope w'll meet again next year, also greetings from Jos and Pernilla. They called me yesterday! Ine

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