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Thanks !! 440
November 25 2007 Contributor: Wim and Desire

Hello there !

We would just like to say we enjoyed the show in Papendrecht Holland very much ! We'll be there in Carré for sure !!

Cheers !

An old old friend 439
November 23 2007 Contributor: Andrew Knowles

I don't know if you will remember me, my mum and yours were the best of friends, (Kathleen Knowles), and my late brother, Chris, was a great fan of yours (I was too young to appreciate you then!).
I wonder, if you have tyhe time, to send an e-mail just to let me know how your family is?

special request 438
November 22 2007 Contributor: The man with the Pink Floyd shirt

Chris, I was very glad you played "Two old friends" at the end of your performance in Bierum. I called my sick friend the day after and told him about your concert. He let me know that he was very touched. We spoke about the two times in the 70s when MC was in Groningen.
My wife and I enjoyed it in Bierum, Mat Barnhoorn acted if he was MC-member for years. Me, myself was impressed by the looks (and voice) of your charming wife.
Magna Carta; 'Het gaat jullie goed'

Koos Cleveringa

Lord of the Ages 437
November 21 2007 Contributor: David Sherwen

Lord of the Ages is a song I still listen to regularly, even after 34 years. It is a haunting and timeless theme.
Father John (on the same album) paints a wonderful picture of modern-day religion.

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