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Dronten here we come! 460
December 13 2007 Contributor: H@rry

Dear all,

Friday December 14th is the last gig of this extensive Dutch tour. It was a pleasure to witness quite a few of these concerts and of course I'll be there on Friday!
It's great that so many theatres have already been booked for next year, leading up to Carré eventually.

Thank you for your great music, friendship and sheer fun!

Luv & hugs,


Linda Simpson writes:

So - are you the REAL Harry Pater - or just another imposter?

Voor Dennis 459
December 13 2007 Contributor: H@rry

Hallo Dennis,

Dat kun je nou wel beweren, maar die gast van Barnhoorn spreekt, schrijft en leest een behoorlijk partijtje Nederlands hoor!
Maar bedankt voor je reactie.
Groeten aan iedereen in K13 (stukken beter dan K3...).
Tot volgend jaar in Vellup!

Linda Simpson writes:

How I wish I could understand Dutch.
Happy New Year

Sorry 458
December 13 2007 Contributor: Dennis

Sorry, Were I thx Bea, I realy want to thax Jet.
I am so bad in names, pleas forgive me.

Next time when you come to Velp to support Linda, Chris and Matthijs better known as the Beatles, I will make up to you.

Sorry again
yours sincerely

That guy that even could at this moment his own name

Linda Simpson writes:

I think you had your answer from Jet, but what a great night we had with you all.

K13 457
December 12 2007 Contributor: Dennis

Hello Linda, Chris and Matthijs

I just read your review, and I want to say, it was for us also a pleasure to work with you, we as crew from K13 had a "super gezelige avond" only that guy, harry potter, next time I prommiss we hire 8,9 or even 10 bouncers to keep him out( wees gerust harry, je bent natuurlijk altijd welkom, die lui van MC kunnen toch geen Nederlands lezen, dus dat komt wel goed)
Also thanx to Bea.

See you soon at K13

the crew

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