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K13 457
December 12 2007 Contributor: Dennis

Hello Linda, Chris and Matthijs

I just read your review, and I want to say, it was for us also a pleasure to work with you, we as crew from K13 had a "super gezelige avond" only that guy, harry potter, next time I prommiss we hire 8,9 or even 10 bouncers to keep him out( wees gerust harry, je bent natuurlijk altijd welkom, die lui van MC kunnen toch geen Nederlands lezen, dus dat komt wel goed)
Also thanx to Bea.

See you soon at K13

the crew

Tennisplayers and Magna Carta ! 456
December 10 2007 Contributor: Bert Eysbergen R.L.T.C. Lommerrijk

Dear Linda, Chris and Matthijs,

I am sure to speak in name of all the visitors at "The Rotterdam Lommerijk Concert" that we all head a great Concert evening.
To take our and your agenda (such an easy way,as Chris told) for a next Concert in May 2008 is the best compliment, we've got from you.
We all hope to hear your wonderfull music again (live) in Rotterdam next year.

Kind Regards,
R.L.T.C. Lommerrijk, Rotterdam
Bert Eysbergen

Linda Simpson writes:

Thank you for what you have said here - but please be aware that we had a great time too and a nice audience can mean a better performance from us.You were a very nice audience.
Love Linda

Purmerend concert 8/12/07 455
December 10 2007 Contributor: Yvette

Thanks for a wonderfull concert !

Jannie, Rick and Yvette

Concert in Dordrecht on the 7th dec.2007 454
December 9 2007 Contributor: Peter van Drimmelen

I was with my wife last friday night (07-12-07) at the Jazz Soos in Dordrecht. We have enjoyed your concert very much.

Despite the noise during your concert, I asked some times to the people, who came only to drink beer, smoke sigarettes, and to talk very loud if they could talk not so loud and stay a little bit more to the back of the room.
We like to come to your farewell concert on the 11th of may in 2009. In Carre Amsterdam we can listen to all your songs in quietness. We hope all of you keep in good health.

We hope to hear more from the farewell concert through your website.

Peter van Drimmelen Dordrecht

Linda Simpson writes:

You were very brave to stay.
Fun though wasn't it?

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