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A Happy Man - Worcester Concert 482
January 18 2008 Contributor: Ralph

Hello Magna Carta,

I am a very happy man! Having been re-united with Magna Carta after a gap of some 30 years. And fortunately just in time for me - regarding your plans for the future! I am sad about that - but I guess all good things must come to an end.

I first came across Magna Carta when you played an awesome gig at Nottingham University in 1978. (Chatting to Chris after last nights gig - staggeringly, he remembered it!). 'Spotlight on Magna Carta' was the tape I had and it was one of my favourites at the time (a collection of songs from the first five albums I think? - including many [all?] the classics). However when music formats (and life) changed I never replaced the tape, hence the separation from MC.

And so to the present - Another wonderful (but very different) gig. THANK YOU SO MUCH, and so sorry we were so quiet. That's Middle England for you!!

Bought Backroads last night. I LOVE 'The Fields of Eden'. Now onto Amazon to buy some more CDs - so I can start listening to your great music again. And hopefully a chance to catch you guys live for a couple more times before next year.

I'm bringing my friends (old and new) next time too!!

Mail Address 481
January 15 2008 Contributor: cornelis and yvon

Sorry that something went wrong in Typing. The mail adress should be working now.

December 2007 concert Maassluis 480
January 13 2008 Contributor: cornelis and yvon

After attending the Schiedam concert it was great to see and hear Magna Carta play in Maassluis at the nearly end of theyr 2007 tour. The music just as always a joy to listen to. So much looking forward to the 2008 May concert in Schiedam. Thanks Matthijs - Linda and Chris. Hope before the final in Carre there will be a concert DVD made, so Magna Carta can be seen at home for ever.

Linda Simpson writes:

Hi there,
I tried to reply to you personally but sadly your email address didn't work - could you check and send again?
We look forward to seeing you in Schiedam too.

greathings 479
January 11 2008 Contributor: fernando triujeque

when i was 20 in 1972 one of my best friends gave me Seasons, as a present of my birthday. the best record i listened in my entire life. 3 months leather somebody stolen. for many years i was tryi´n to find this cd. in 2004, i invited my wife for dinner but i stoped at for a while at records store. big problem.. i found the cd. My wife didn´t talk to me in a week. Mr Chris, i realy want to thank you for this record. Saludos desde Cancun Mexico.

Linda Simpson writes:

Well, I'm glad you found the album but are you thanking Chris because your wife didn't speak to you for a week?
I'm just kidding - do enjoy your new purchase.
Much Love

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