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Will Magna Carta be Available on Rhapsody? 486
January 19 2008 Contributor: Paul Prinsloo

When will Magna Carta be available through Rhapsody? I really love your music from way back and remember jamming with Chris and Stan in a garage in Durban when you were on your South African tour. Keep the good music flowing.

Worcester Gig January 17th 2008 485
January 19 2008 Contributor: Herbie Franik

I thanked you on the night as I shook your hand, and I thank you again for the many hours of entertainment your music as given me spanning 38 years. I first saw you,Aug 1970 Tamworth assembly rooms singing Seasons, (spellbinding). I have now come "full circle", the gig on thursday was great. Long may your music live on.

Worcester Gig 484
January 19 2008 Contributor: Chris

Thanks for a super Gig on Thursday, sorry we were all so quiet, thats called appreciation!
See you are quiet this summer, how about playing some Festivals? Suggest Sunrise Celebration (end May), Solfest (Cumbria Aug BH) or perhaps Settle (near you end August but they have'nt got their Licence yet, as soon as they do guess they will be after Bands?)

Worcester Concert 483
January 18 2008 Contributor: Bill and Angela Phillips

Angela and I thoroughly enjoyed the concert last night (18th). We last saw you at Birmingham Town Hall in the 70's. That was a farewell tour if I recall, was Glen Stuart leaving? Before that we saw you at Birmingham Town Hall(again) as support to Hudson Ford, now there's a blast from the past. Anyway, we just wanted to say you gave us a great evening and to wish you every success in the future.

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