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To Linda 490
January 28 2008 Contributor: Yvonne de Jong

Dear Linda you asked Bianca for my e-mail adress but at that time I dident have one Ive bin on the internet for two weeks now. So now you can mail to me in privet. I am one off your greatest fans that is The Magna Carta I like to listen to the old songs as well at the new songs my altime favorit is " Uncertain Times." I also would like to ask of there is a book with the music and lyrics from your music so that I can play that on my own keyboard. well for now I say goodbey and lots of love from. Yvonne de Jong from Brielle in holland.

Hi! 489
January 25 2008 Contributor: Domagoj

My name is Domagoj, I`m from Croatia and I'm 15 years old...

You`re one of my favourite bands... your songs "Two Old Friends" and "Lord of the Ages" are my favourite... I would like to go to one of your concerts.....

Great Stuff 488
January 22 2008 Contributor: Dan Saint

Can I tell you how touched I was by the album, Song from Wasties Orchard. I'd travelled from Australia to England in '71 and was recommended a sample album of Vertigo album latest releases, "Suck it and See." This had Time for the Leaving on it. Loved twin guitar solos, soft lilting vocals, so bought the album. Still have it... love it, "Sunday by the River" fabulous. Not one song on the recently released double album anthology from Wasties! What the 'ells, goin' on, son...?

Hi Chris! 487
January 21 2008 Contributor: paul ingham

Long time no see!
Although we did NEARLY meet in Holland a few weeks ago! (ask Lee when you meet him again in a couple of weeks! he knows the story).

Anyway, was just writing to ask how you are? and to re-establish contact....would love to hear from you or even meet up next time you are in Germany.

Wishing you all the very best and looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Your man in the fatherland, Paul.

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